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Imperial Riches
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Imperial Riches by NetEnt

Imperial Riches Review

Imperial Riches

Imperial Riches is a genuinely immersive slot; it will take you straight to ancient China, live the lives of the great Chinese Emperors through Imperial Riches.

NetEnt launched this feature-loaded Chinese-themed slot on 3 September 2019, and its popularity has been increasing since then. The slot has five in-game Progressive jackpots, and you can win a top payout worth 30,000. 

Release: 04.09.2019
Max Win: X

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 12 Jul 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Buy Bonus









Ways to Win



High Quality graphics by NetEnt

5 Different Jackpots in the Slot

Great combo of Medium Variance and 96.92% RTP

Cascading Reels Special Feature

2 Special Bonus Rounds


Max Bet of €30 might be low for aggressive players

Facts About The Slot

Provider NetEnt


RTP% 96.88

Game type Slots

Jackpot Yes

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.15

Maximum bet 30.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Asian and Oriental

Game features

Cascading/Avalanche wins Progressive Jackpot Bonus Game Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild


Koi Fish

Chinese Themed symbols in Imperial Riches

Chinese Themed symbols in Imperial Riches

Introduction to Imperial Riches

Imperial Riches is a beautiful slot; the delicate aesthetics of Imperial Riches give it a very regal appearance. Imperial Riches is based around a lovely China-themed garden; you can look at that garden in the background of the reels. There are bridges on both sides of the reels, decorated with beautiful red lanterns; there is a lovely pond between these bridges, filled with creamy-colored lotus petals and other water plants. Above the bridges, there are cherry trees, and their blooming tells us that cherry blossom has arrived. This slot will set a very calming and meditative aura around you; you will feel as if you are an old emperor sitting by that pond and embracing its beauty

Imperial Riches features a standard structure, this slot is based on a five-reel and three-row model, and there are 15 paylines in the slot. The reels and slots are set in a standard grid structure, and you will win a payout whenever a winning combination lands on them. 

Along with being a treat to the eyes, Imperial Riches is a great slot for your pocket as well, as the slot is packed with different Bonus Features. Of course, you can trigger many different bonuses in the base game itself, and the Imperial Riches Bonus Feature has its perks as well. For example, the Koi Fish feature is an important one in the game as it helps you activate the Imperial Riches Jackpot Game. Along with these, there are other bonus features like Free Spins and cascading reels

Sample Gameplay of Imperial Riches


Theme and Graphics

The main attraction of Imperial Riches is its visual elements; Imperial Riches is a very graphic-rich slot; different elements of the slot are designed according to the slot's Chinese theme. The designer at NetEnt have expertly curated the various elements of the slot. For Example, the symbols in Imperial Riches are designed strictly according to the slot's Imperial Chinese theme. There are two types of symbols in Imperial Riches, the high-paying symbols and the low-paying symbols, and both are designed according to Chinese themes. The low-paying symbols in the slot are the card alphabets symbols (A, K, Q, and J), and they have a pleasing Chinese finish to them. The high-paying symbols in the slots are the picture symbols; they are denoted by pictures like coins, bamboos, and golden fishes. The high-paying symbols in the slots are the picture symbols; they are denoted by pictures like coins, bamboos, and golden fishes.

In the background of the reels, you can see a Chinese palace, there is a bridge on either side of the reels, and they are decorated with beautiful red lanterns. The middle of these two bridges is a lovely lotus pond; there are different leaves and water plants in that pond. Above the bridges, there are beautiful cherry blossom trees which are surrounded by shoots of bamboo. All these elements together create a beautiful backdrop for the slot. Once you play this slot, you will be mesmerized by its beauty; the details are so simple yet so beautiful. The minor elements of the slot, like the options buttons and the jackpot banners on the top of the slot, are also created in a Chinese-looking fashion. 

The music of the slot also feels very gentle and soothing; it adds to the theme and beauty of the slot. The soundtrack matches the slot's theme perfectly and will calm your mind.

Hitting a Low-Paying combo in Imperial Riches

Hitting a Low-Paying combo in Imperial Riches


Different Symbols and Bonuses


The structure of Imperial Riches is fairly simple when it comes to the grid and the paylines; there are 15 paylines in the slot. These paylines will assist you in landing winning combinations and getting outputs. All the paylines are fixed and active; you do not need to manually activate the paylines like you need to lo in some other slots. 


The Bet control mechanism in Imperial Riches is the standard system by NetEnt; you can choose the bet amount by changing the Bet Levels and the Coin values. There are ten different bet levels and five coin values ranging from 0.01 to 0.20. This allows you to set a minimum bet of 0.15 per spin, which you can increase to a maximum of 30 per spin; it is a pretty wide betting range for you to choose from. 


The slot's theme inspires the symbols in Imperial Riches; you will understand that as soon as you open the slot. Like all other slots by NetEnt, Imperial Riches also features a wide variety of symbols. In addition, there are Regular output paying symbols, and Special Symbols trigger Special Features of the slot. 

The high-paying symbols in the slot are the Golden Koi Fish symbols, the Golden Ingots, the golden coins, and the bamboos. The Golden Koi Fish is the most lucrative symbol in the slot, paying you an insane payout of 1500x your stake for a five symbol combo.

The ingots will reward you worth 66.6x for a five symbol combo, the Gold Coins will give a payout worth 33.3x for a long combo, and the bamboo plants will pay you 13.3x for landing five on a payline. 

The low-paying card symbols will give you different payouts ranging between 6.6x to 3.3x for 5 on a payline. 

Bonus Features in Imperial Riches

The scatter symbols trigger the bonus feature in Imperial Riches; when you mand a minimum of three scatters on the slot's paylines, you get the free spins bonus. So, for example, when you land three scatters, the slot will reward you 10 free spins, and if you get four scatters, you will get 15 Free Spins, and if you get super lucky and get five scatter symbols on the reels, then you will get 20 Free Spins. Note that this Free Spin bonus can be re-triggered if you land these scatters when playing a bonus round.

Cascading Reels 

In Imperial Riches, there is a special Cascading Reels feature, this feature is automatically activated, and you don't need to do that manually. In Cascading Reels, when you land a winning combo on the reels, the winning symbols will be removed from the reels, and it will make space for the symbols placed above those winning symbols. Those upper symbols will come down, and it will give you a chance to get more wins and increase your payout. 

Landing a five symbol combo on the reels of Imperial Riches

Landing a five symbol combo on the reels of Imperial Riches


How To Play - Imperial Riches

Like all the other titles by NetEnt, Imperial Riches also hosts a simple playing mechanism. The steps to gambling on Imperial Riches are mentioned below in steps.

Place the Bet

The first thing you will do in Imperial Riches is to set your bet; you can place your bet in the slot by changing the Coin Value and the Bet Levels, Bet Levels decide the number of coins you will put at stake in your spin, and the coin value determines the value which the coins will hold. The controls to change the bet levels and the coin values are placed below the reels, the bet level is set on the left of the spin button, and you can choose any level between 1 to 10. On the other hand, the coin value can be set by the button on the right of the spin button. Thus, your total bet will be calculated by multiplying the coin value by the number of coins. 

You can use the Max Bet button in the options to increase your bet level and coin value to their max levels; this shortcut comes in handy when you want to play high.

Be careful while setting the bet amount; if you set the bet amount too high, it can be risky; try to place a bet which allows you a minimum of 50 Spins. 

Spinning the Reels

After setting the bets, you will spin the reels in the slot; you can spin the reels by hitting the spin button placed in the middle of the options below the reels. You can change your bet amount every time before spinning the reels. 

If you are too lazy to spin the reels manually each time, you can use the auto spin feature available on the immediate left of the spin button. This will automatically spin the reels on the slots a fixed number of times.

Special Scatter Symbol in Imperial Riches

Special Scatter Symbol in Imperial Riches


How To Win - BETO's Guide to Imperial Riches

Winning is pretty simple in Imperial Riches, there are 15 paylines in the slot, and you have to land winning combinations on one of them to get a payout. A winning combination is struck when you land three or more similar symbols in a row or adjacent to each other. Payouts will differ from each other because of the combo's length and value. The length of the combination will be determined by the number of symbols in the combo; the higher the number of similar symbols, the higher the length of the combo. The value of the combo will depend on the symbols used in the combo, the picture symbols are the high-paying symbols in the slot, and the card symbols are the low-paying symbols. If you land a wild symbol on the reels, it will substitute for the regular symbols in the slot and help you land successful combos.

The detailed list of different combos by different symbols can be viewed in the slot's paytable; you can access it via the menu.

If you get the Special symbols in the reels, they will trigger Special Features. For Example, getting three scatters in the slot will trigger the bonus Free Spin round in the slot. 

Landing a Super Mega Win in Imperial Riches

Landing a Super Mega Win in Imperial Riches


Impressive Jackpot in Imperial Riches Video Slot

A jackpot is an important part of any slot; it is the main goal while gambling on the slot. The developers at NetEnt understand this, and they have loaded Imperial Riches with many different Jackpots. 

There are 3 Progressive Jackpots in Imperial Riches, and they are different in terms of payouts. When you start winning a jackpot, you can see it in the Fish Pond; the Jackpot fish will replace the Bonus Fish; there are five different Jackpot fishes, each for every different Jackpot.

Along with these progressive jackpots, there are 2 Fixed-Paying jackpots in the slot, with payouts of €100 and €500, each denoted by a different fish. These jackpots will be struck when a jackpot fish eats 3 jewels; you can see the details of these gems on the counters of the slot. When the fish eats these jewels, you can win direct cash payouts worth 20 or 40 coins

Hitting the Jackpots

When you hit the Free Spins bonus, you will get some ruby jewels; after collecting 20 of these rubies, you will be taken to the Fish Pond in the game. In the Fish Pond, the Koi Fishes will eat the diamonds, and the Goldfishes will eat the gold coins. The diamonds will advance you to the next level of the Fish Pond bonus, and the Gold Coins will give you direct cash payouts. When your Silver Fish eats three diamonds, you will proceed to the next Fish Pond, where you will collect rubies. There will be different-colored gems in the second Fish Pond, and each gem will denote a jackpot; when your fish eats three rubies of the same color, you will get that Jackpot.

Landing  a Delicious Big Win in Imperial Riches

Landing a Delicious Big Win in Imperial Riches


The RTP and Demo Version

Return To Player Percentage

Return To Player Percentage of Imperial Riches is 96.92%, which means that when you play the slot with 100 coins, you will most likely get back 96.92 coins. The RTP is just an average of the returns that players get on a long-term basis and are not guaranteed. The RTP of 96.92% is a great average return, as normally the return on similar types of slots is around 96%, so the return of Imperial Riches is almost a whole percentage higher than the Industry Average.


The slot's volatility is rated Medium by the developers at NetEnt, which means that you will get regular payouts in the slot. Still, their value will not be extremely high like the ones you get in highly volatile slots.

Demo Version of Imperial Riches

Like most of the slots by NetEnt, the demo version of Imperial Richesis available on the BETO; you can play it with the in-game money. However, the Free version of the slot allows you to understand and explore the slot before risking your real money in it. Therefore, if you are new to Imperial Riches, please try the slot's free version before playing with real money.

Cross-Device Support in Imperial Riches

Imperial Riches is available on various devices; you can enjoy the Chinese-themed gambling experience on your mobiles, computers, and tablets. In addition, the slot has been fully optimized for Windows/Mac and iOS/Android. Now you will never miss the fun of gambling when on the go.

Different symbols in Imperial Riches

Different symbols in Imperial Riches


The Overall Verdict of Imperial Riches

If Imperial Riches is to be described in a single word, it must be "Beautiful". The slot is based on a Chinese-based theme, which is a charming theme in itself. Different slot elements like the symbols, the background, the animations, and the Special Features have been refined to perfection by the expert developers at NetEnt; they have worked really hard to deliver you a true Chinese gambling experience. 

The slot is excellent in terms of Special Features available in the slot; you have bonus features for the base game and the special rounds. In Imperial Riches, there are regular Special Features like the Scatter Symbols and the wild symbols; and there are some unique features like the Goldfish, the Koi Fish, and the signature Fish Pond. The Slot also features a bundle of different jackpots, there are three Progressive Jackpots in the slot, and there are two fixed paying jackpots worth €100 and €500; these jackpots will keep you excited throughout the game. 

The stats of Imperial Riches are also very impressive, the RTP of the slot is a great 96.92%, and the Volatility has been rated Medium. This combo of good RTP and medium volatility makes this slot great for all the players.

Play this slot right now, and earn a big buck!


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Frequently Asked Questions - Imperial Riches

Are there free spins in Imperial Riches?

Yes, there are Free Spins in Imperial Riches, you can trigger them by landing three or more Scatter Symbols on the reels.

How to Win Real Money in Imperial Riches?

To win real money on the slot, you simply need to visit any good high-tech online casino and search for Imperial Riches. A list of all the casinos where you can play this slot is available on BETO, you can refer to that as it is regularly updated.

Can I play Imperial Riches for Free?

Yes! absolutely, the Demo Version of the slot is available on BETO, you can play that to understand different features of the slot.

How to download Imperial Riches slots?

There is no need to download Imperial Riches, you can play this online slot simply by visiting an Online Casino on the browser.