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Mad Cars
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Mad Cars by Push Gaming

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Mad Cars Review

Mad Cars

Join a mad race in the post-apocalyptic wasteland and win it to get epic wins in the Mad Cars slot. This slot has a 5x6 layout and 50 paylines. The way the Free Spins are triggered and the cash prizes are awarded is innovative and exciting. The fast-paced gameplay is filled with Instant Cash Prizes, Free Spins, modifiers, and the Bonus Buy feature. This could be a race that you will remember for a really long time, so prepare to go all out.

In this Mad Cars slot review, the various features of this slot and its pros and cons will be explained in detail.

Release: 29.07.2022
Max Win: X25000

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 21 December 2023 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots





Ways to Win



Max Win of 25,000x of your bet

Sticky Scatter symbol

Instant Prize Cars with modifiers

Free Spins with more powerful modifiers

Bonus Buy feature


High volatility

Facts About The Slot

Provider Push Gaming


RTP% 95.36

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.10

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 6

Rows 5

Game Features

Buy Feature RTP range Bonus Game Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins

Enjoy big reels with several rows and 50 paylines in the Mad Cars online slot

Enjoy big reels with several rows and 50 paylines in the Mad Cars online slot

Welcome to Mad Cars Online Slot by Push Gaming

The Mad Cars slot looks like a crazy slot with insane potential, and it is precisely that. Push Gaming slot-machines has introduced us to a post-apocalyptic world where each win must be earned the hard way. The good news is that the features guarantee massive wins and help you reach the end of the race track.

The layout comes with 5 reels, 6 rows, and 50 paylines. The Instant Prize Car symbol can land with values worth up to 100x of your bet, and this is a symbol that is available in the base game. So you can imagine the potential that you will enjoy in the Free Spins.

Let us make it clear that this slot can award you some extraordinary wins and the Max Win of 25,000x of your bet.

There are modifiers in the base game and the Free Spins that help you progress or multiply your wins. We will discuss them in detail, but let us first explore the theme of this casino game.

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Gameplay of Mad Cars video slot


Crazy Race Theme and Flawless Design

Theme and Design

The theme is all about racing in a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and uncertainty. It is clear that this slot is inspired by movie series like Mad Max. In the background, you can see the abandoned industrial town with broken-down cars, rusted metal structures, and a windmill. The background seems like the perfect place for racing cars to race in this gloomy world.

We must say that we have become a fan of the design of the characters. All the characters seem crazy in their own unique way, and the tense music with the perfect build-up completes the theme of this slot.


The four insane characters are the high-paying symbols that pay 20x to 100x of your stake for landing a five-of-a-kind winning combination. The low-paying symbols are dice, steering wheels, spanners, and traffic cones with knives stuck in them. The low-paying symbols award 5x of your bet for landing five-of-a-kind winning combinations.

The Scatter Car symbol is a beautiful car with a fiery skull painted on it. Several other cars appear as the Instant Prize Car symbols. Wild symbols don't appear in this slot.

The Instant Prize Cars can award massive wins in the Free Spins

The Instant Prize Cars can award massive wins in the Free Spins


How to Play Mad Cars Slot Machine

Playing casino games like this one is not hard at all. Still, we are explaining the basics for the new players.

  • Click on the round button with 2 curved arrows or use the space bar to start a spin.
  • The button with the play icon starts autoplay with 10 to 100 spins on autopilot.
  • A small arrow near your total bet will allow you to change your bet value. The minimum bet value is €0.10, and the max bet value is €100.
  • Turn the sound on or off by using the loudspeaker icon, and click on the star icon to access Bonus Buy.
  • Finally, the button on the bottom left is for accessing the paytable, settings, game info, total bet, and autoplay.
  • Paytable explains payouts and features, and game info explains everything in detail.
  • Settings have options like turbo mode.
Landing a Gas symbol with a value of 6 on a reel with the Scatter guarantees Free Spins

Landing a Gas symbol with a value of 6 on a reel with the Scatter guarantees Free Spins


Thrilling Bonus Features

The bonuses in this casino game keep you occupied until the huge wins appear. This slot gives you several opportunities to win big with features like cash prizes, a unique type of Free Spins, and the Mad Race feature. Let us quickly understand how these features work.

Instant Prize Car Symbols

Instant Prize Car symbols can appear on all reels on a base game spin but only on the bottom row. In addition, you can only land one Instant Prize Car symbol on a reel. They will have values between 1x and 100x and are sticky until they are awarded. When an Instant Prize Car symbol passes the top row, it pays you its value multiplied by your bet as it is a Bet Multiplier.

If multiple Instant Prize symbols are present, the first one to exceed the top row is awarded, and the rest are removed in the next spin. Multiple cars can cross the sixth row at the same time.

Boost Reel Feature

The Boost Reel is the reel at the top that reveals modifiers during the base game and the Free Spins. Let us explore the modifiers available in the base game now.

  • Multiplier Symbol: It multiplies the value of an Instant Prize Car symbol by 2x to 100x.
  • Gas Symbol: The gas symbols push the car symbols forward by their value, which is in the range of 1 to 6. They apply to Scatter Car symbols and Instant Prize Car symbols.
  • Multiplier and Gas Combo Symbol: It pushes a car forward and also multiplies the car’s value according to its own value. The range of values for the Multipliers and Gas Combo symbol is the same as mentioned above.
  • Survivor Symbol: The Survivor symbol applies an effect that protects the respective car symbol from being removed when another car crosses the sixth row before it. However, it can only protect a car once.
  • Blank Symbol: It doesn’t affect the cars or other symbols.

Mad Bonus Feature

The Scatter Car symbol can land on all reels at the bottom row. It is a sticky symbol that activates the Mad Bonus feature when it crosses the top row. Its Instant Prize value is 10x, and it can’t be changed.

The Mad Bonus round gives you 7 Free Spins, and each reel starts with an Instant Prize Car at the bottom. Only the Instant Prize Car symbols are present in this bonus. When one car symbol goes beyond the top row, a new car appears at the bottom of the same reel, and an extra spin is awarded.

The Boost Reel is active in this bonus and reveals the Boost Reel symbols for each spin. The symbols seen in the base game are there except for the Survivor symbol. Some additional modifier symbols are also seen in this feature as follows:

  • Line Up Symbol: The Line Up symbol aligns the rest of the cars with the car it is applied to so that all cars end up in the same row.
  • Persistent Payer Symbol: As the name suggests, it adds its own value to the values of the other Instant Prize Car symbols for every spin it remains on the reels.
  • Persistent Collect Symbol: This symbol does the opposite of the symbol mentioned above as it collects the values of the rest of the car symbols on each spin until it exits the reels.
  • Persistent Payer and Collector Combo Symbol: First, it adds its value to the other car symbols and then collects their values. It keeps adding and collecting values on each spin until it crosses the top row.

Mad Race Random Feature

After the final Free Spin in the Mad Bonus, the Mad Race feature can be triggered at random. This feature will make all the remaining Instant Prize Car symbols go beyond the top row and pay you rewards. After this feature, the bonus will end.

Bonus Buy Feature

Here are the various bonuses you can buy through this feature:

  • Mad Bonus (96.40% RTP): The regular Mad Bonus for 115.70x of your bet
  • Payer Bonus (96.46% RTP): Mad Bonus with a guaranteed Persistent Payer Instant Prize Car for 301x of your bet
  • Collector Bonus (96.45% RTP): Mad Bonus with a guaranteed Persistent Collector Instant Prize car for 456x of your bet
  • Mystery Mad Bonus (96.55% RTP): Randomly chosen feature from the above three features or Mad Bonus with a guaranteed Persistent Payer and Collector Instant Prize Car for 624x of your bet
The Mad Race feature will make sure all cars cross the finish line and you get a huge win

The Mad Race feature will make sure all cars cross the finish line and you get a huge win


RTP, Variance, and Max Win

Mad Cars RTP is 96.39%, and it is an excellent RTP that should give you higher-than-expected returns.

This is a highly volatile casino game, so you have to watch your budget and take breaks if required.

The Max Win is 25,000x of your bet, and you can surely be one of the lucky ones to get this fantastic win.

Cash prizes, modifiers, and Free Spins make the Mad Cars slot excellent

Cash prizes, modifiers, and Free Spins make the Mad Cars slot excellent


Is the Mad Cars Online Slot Worth it?

Mad Cars slot is not only one of the best free slots by Push Gaming, but it is one of the best overall. It is not an easy slot to play, but the chance to get an extraordinary win, even in the base game, is always there. The innovative sticky Instant Prize Cars are what make this slot truly exceptional. When you land these cars with bet Multipliers, you are guaranteed a decent win.

The Free Spins bonus round has the Instant Prize Cars and introduces several more powerful modifiers. Some of the modifiers, like the one with the Persistent Payer and Collector combo, can lead to wins worth several hundred times your stake easily.

If your budget is big, you can go for buying the bonuses and enjoy higher RTP. Mystery Mad Bonus is the best one to buy because it delivers the highest RTP and can give you the most powerful modifier.

You must be excited to try this slot at the most respected online casinos.


Mad Cars Slot – FAQs

How much is the Max Win in the Mad Cars slot?

The Max Win will award you 25,000x of your stake, which is much higher than we expected and certainly worth it.

What is the RTP and volatility of the Mad Cars online slot?

The RTP delivered by the game is 96.39%, which is great. You can enjoy an RTP between 96.40% and 96.55% by choosing the various options in the bonus buy feature. The variance is high, but you should be fine if you don’t bet too much.

Are there Free Spins in the Mad Cars slot machine?

Yes, you will get 7 Free Spins when you manage to make a Scatter Car symbol go beyond the last row. During the Mad Bonus Feature or Free Spins, each reel will have an Instant Prize Car at the bottom, and powerful modifiers like Persistent Payer can affect it. If an Instant Prize Car finishes the race, another one will show up on the same reel, and an extra Free Spin is awarded.

How does the Boost Reel feature work in the Mad Cars video slot?

The Boost Reel is a reel that reveals modifiers that apply to the Instant Prize Car symbols. It has modifiers that boost the value of the cars, push them forward, or protect them. A set of more powerful modifiers is seen on the Boost Reel during the Free Spins.

Is the Mad Cars slot a scam?

No, Mad Cars can’t be a scam because it is developed by Push Gaming, which is licensed and regulated by the likes of the Malta Gaming Authority.

Is it possible to play the Mad Cars slot for free?

Yes, you can enjoy features like Free Spins, Instant Prize Cars, modifiers, and Bonus Buy by playing Mad Cars slot demo mode for free here at BETO.