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Drive Multiplier Mayhem by NetEnt

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Drive Multiplier Mayhem Review

Drive Multiplier Mayhem

The epic Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slot is here for all racing and adventure genre fans. Get ready for this awesome slots game presented to you by NetEnt and find out all there is to know about it in this review. Many fun experiences await you, so start spinning the reels in our online casinos and win big.

Release: 25.03.2016
Max Win: X

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 30 Jun 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Buy Bonus









Ways to Win



Fun gameplay

Nitro Collect Meter featured

Free Spins mode

15 win ways and low bet limit

Quick Spin bonus


Bonus Game not included.

Facts About The Slot

Provider NetEnt


RTP% 96.70

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.01

Maximum bet 0.50

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Cars Sports

Game features

Multiplier FreeSpins Wild

NetEnt presents Drive: Multiplier Mayhem with 5 reels and 3 bet lines.

NetEnt presents Drive: Multiplier Mayhem with 5 reels and 3 bet lines.

Introducing Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

NetEnt brings you their latest game set in the virtual streets in which you’re going to race and compete with others. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem features Jette, who is racing to reach the finish line. Based on 5 reels and 3 bet lines, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem has additional bonuses like Multiplier Wilds and Free Spins. You can expect many thrills in this game as the prizes keep coming throughout the adventure, with a maximum winnable of 120x the bet. What makes this video slot even more exciting is that three opponents face Jette in the Free Spins, and this competition decides who comes out on top and takes away the winnings in the end. So, are you ready for the face-off!

You can win up to the max limit of 750,000 coins in this game and have fun while doing it. This slot was developed by NetEnt, which is probably the biggest software house in the market right now. Their easy to play casino slots are gaining popularity daily, and many are believed to have achieved cult status.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem has stunning visual quality and an overall modern look that gives the game a very stylish and epic feel. Players will enjoy this game heartily as it’s one of the best releases in quite some time. NetEnt has made this slot suitable for beginners and experts alike, and the dynamic gameplay is intriguing yet simplistic. This is more than just a slot and can be considered a proper sophisticated game due to the amazing symbols and features added in the package.

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The Racing and Super cars theme sets the tone of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem


Sports Cars and Racing Theme

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slots consist of 5 reels and 15 paylines, and the gameplay is very well designed, featuring all kinds of bonuses like scatters and multipliers. NetEnt based this game on the racing theme, and fans of movies like The Need for Speed or The Fast and the Furious will especially love it. While playing this game, you will experience speed and fury yourself as you race along in the gloomy atmospheric slot containing visuals that resemble Mangas’s Neo Tokyo.

The game is set in a dark city with neon lights and a skyscraper backdrop that looms over the reels. Bright objects, funny animations, and catchy soundtracks complete the aesthetic. The whole look is futuristic and goes well with the story. Jette is the main character in this game, a pink-haired girl surviving in the city and going up against street goons Hamaki, Twitch, and Bruiser.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem features a display on the left-hand side where you can monitor your car’s progress relative to your opponents, and there are visual and sound cues as well. Whenever the reels are spun, engine revving sounds can be heard. The reels look transparent with metallic symbols on top. Jette is a high-value symbol, and so is her race car. The other 3 high-paying symbols are the 3 street gangsters mentioned above. Hamaki is always spotted with his trademark cigar, Twitch has the attire of a Jedi Knight for some mysterious reason, and Bruiser is a burly character who can be called the muscles of the whole gang. Card suits like 10, J, Q, and A represent the low-paying symbols.

Scatter symbols and multipliers in Drive: Multiplier Mayhem can earn you great wins

Scatter symbols and multipliers in Drive: Multiplier Mayhem can earn you great wins


Players guide for Drive Multiplier Mayhem

This game is simple enough to understand and play. First off, you select your preferred coin denomination using two buttons in the game, “Coin Level” and “Coin Value”. You can set the coin level in the range of 1 to 10, and the coin value can range between 0.01 to 0.20. This slot is suited to the needs of all kinds of players with any budget. After setting the coin denomination, select your bet amount and start the game. Simply hit the “Spin” button in the middle of the reels, and the game will start.

An “Autoplay” feature added for your ease lets you select the spin count and relax as the game continues automatically. This feature can be used to set spin count anywhere between 10 to 1000 times. The “Bet Max” feature allows you to bag the biggest possible win but using it carelessly may end up costing you your entire winnings. To sum up, the simplistic yet interesting gameplay of Drive Multiplier Mayhem slots will be an enjoyable ride and well worth your time.

Some visuals from the game slot are added to give you a peek into the gameplay of Drive Multiplier Mayhem slots before you dive in and see it for yourself.

Using the Bet Max feature you can cash out Maximum amounts

Using the Bet Max feature you can cash out Maximum amounts


Bonuses, Multiplier wilds and Free Spins

Many features are included in this package. One of them is the Multiplier Wilds feature. Each of these is assigned a certain value like 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x on the reels. Except for Scatter and Nitro symbols, Wilds can take the place of any symbol. Making a winning combo with these wilds also adds a multiplier to the prize money won. Moreover, the multipliers are multiplied even more if more than 1 Multiplier Wilds appear on the same bet line, increasing the winning payout.

The scatter symbols are used to trigger the free spins. The three opponents' Jette faces are represented by these scatter symbols. Thus, 10 free spins are awarded when these special symbols are landed on reels 2, 3, or 4 on the left-hand side of your screen. The meter on this side displays certain levels, determining the prizes you win as you play the game. Some details about these levels are given below:

  • Level 1: You face off against Twitch in a race, and 10 free spins are awarded.
  • Level 2: You face off against Hamaki in a race, and 4 free spins and a wild are awarded.
  • Level 3: You face off against Bruiser in a race, and 3 free spins and 2 wilds are awarded.
  • Level 4: You face off against Bruiser in a race, and 2 free spins and 3 wilds are awarded.

NetEnt provides many bonuses and features in the game to keep you invested and give you ample chances of winning huge payouts.

Bonus features like Multiplier Wild offers you a chance to hit the SUPER MEGA WIN

Bonus features like Multiplier Wild offers you a chance to hit the SUPER MEGA WIN


RTP and Variance of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

Drive Multiplier Mayhem has many features included and hence has high volatility statistics. The RTP value is measured at 96.80%, which is pretty common for online slots nowadays. The unpredictability of the slot makes it very thrilling, and so do the big potential payouts. An RTP of 96.80% means that for every €100 that you invest in the game, you get back €96.80 on average. The developers estimate this number to give some idea to the player about how much money he can win in total.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem special Prize

This game offers a maximum prize of 180,000 coins. The game consists of 5 reels and 15 paylines, and you can win huge payouts thanks to the additional features like Scattered Race Starters and Multiplier Wilds. Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a fast-paced game and made for players looking for that extra thrill on the reels.

10, J, Q, and A are low-paying symbols of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

10, J, Q, and A are low-paying symbols of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem


Mobile Compatibility

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is compatible with all your devices, including mobiles, tablets, and desktops, so the fun can go on no matter where you are at any given time. The gameplay and the interface are very well optimized on all systems, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the full fun experience on all your devices. But we suggest you play the game on a big screen to fully enjoy the amazing graphics filled with sceneries blended with the alluring soundtracks featured in the game.

Desktop setups are better suited to this game because of that extra RAM capacity that would prevent the game from hanging in between around, costing you money. Also, a more stable internet connection is recommended while playing this game. 


Play Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Slot Free Online

We suggest that you try the Drive Multiplier Mayhem free demo version first before you stake real money in the game. This will give you some idea about the gameplay and help you out when you go all in. This goes for all NetEnt Free Slots that you should play at least 150 to 200 trial spins for free before you play for real money. After trying out Drive Multiplier Mayhem for free, you can decide for yourself if it’s the right game for you and whether you want to continue playing it or not.

We know that you have a limited budget, and we don’t want you to lose all your money on gameplay that you don’t fully understand. So it’s also recommended that you simulate the demo version as you’d play the real thing. Select the bet amount close to the figures you’d choose for real money and start the game. Playing like this will give you some idea about whether you should spend your cash on this game in the future or not.


Summary of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a unique online slot and definitely stands out among the rest due to the amazing visual quality and gameplay design. The game is fast-paced and thrilling. Features like the Free Spins round make the game all the more interesting. There are even opponent racers featured in the game, which aren't usually found in online slots. Multiplier Wilds let you land more winning combinations than before, and finally, the Quick Spin mode is the cherry on the top as this wild round has so much stuff happening that it’ll give you the thrill you desire.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a game made for speed junkies and race car enthusiasts. Huge payouts and bonuses await you in this online slot, so head on to our featured online gambling sites and win big!


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Drive Multiplier Mayhem

Is Drive Multiplier Mayhem slots free to play?

You can try the free demo version of Drive Multiplier Mayhem slots for free at BETO before diving in with real money.

Does Drive Multiplier Mayhem slots offer a Free Spins mode?

Yes, Drive Multiplier Mayhem slots have a Free Spins mode featured, among other bonuses.

Who is the developer of Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot?

Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot was developed by NetEnt.

What is the maximum prize in Drive Multiplier Mayhem?

This game offers a maximum prize of 180,000 coins.

What RTP does Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot offer?

The RTP of the Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot is 96.80%.