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Piggy Bankers
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Piggy Bankers by Pragmatic Play

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Piggy Bankers Review

Piggy Bankers

Piggy Bankers slot by Pragmatic Play takes you into the rich world of Piggy Bankers, where you can withdraw a substantial amount. This slot has a 5x4 layout and 20 paylines. The bonuses are all about getting those fat stacks through features like Banknotes Reel, Wild Respins, and Free Spins.

In this Piggy Bankers slot review, we will see if another slot featuring pig characters is worth playing.

Release: 07.08.2023
Max Win: X10000

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 27 March 2024 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots





Ways to Win



Max Win of 10,000x of your stake

Banknotes Reel feature

Wild Respins in the base game and Free Spins

Free Spins with special Banknote worth 1,000 your bet

Buy Free Spins option


High volatility

Facts About The Slot

Provider Pragmatic Play


RTP% 96.05

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 240.00

Reels 5

Rows 4

Game Themes

Banking Drinks

Game Features

Buy Feature Additional Free Spins Stack Respins RTP range Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

Piggy Bankers Review by BETO Slots

Piggy Bankers Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Piggy Bankers Slot

The Piggy Bankers slot adds to the collection of slots featuring pigs as wealthy bankers. In 2021, Pragmatic Play released the Piggy Bank Bills slot, and in 2023, they released this one. The good news is that these two slots are very different, even though the same developer is behind them.

This game is played on a 5x4 layout and offers 20 paylines with a horizontal reel on top for special symbols. The bonuses include the Banknotes Reel, which is the horizontal reel only. The other bonuses are Wild Respins and Free Spins. You can also buy Free Spins, which shouldn't be surprising for those who play Pragmatic Play slots often.

With a Maximum Win of up to 10,000x your bet, Piggy Bankers Big Win video promises not just fun but substantial payouts. For more engaging adventures, check out our popular free slot titles.

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Gameplay of Piggy Bankers from Pragmatic Play


Theme & Design: Affluent Piggy Luxury

Theme & Design: Affluent Piggy Luxury

Theme & Design: Affluent Piggy Luxury

Theme and Design

Piggy Bankers goes all out with its posh visuals of wealth and luxury. When I played this game, the vibrant colours and lavish graphics immediately caught my eye. The backdrop is like the inside of a fancy bank where only the richest people keep their money.

The character design really stands out. These aren't your average porkers but rather high-class bankers kitted out in suits and expensive dresses. In short, the theme is all about wealth, luxury, and living like a king or a queen.

Music and Soundtrack

This slot plays jaunty melodies that wouldn't be out of place in a posh financial district or an exclusive members' club. Each win is celebrated with satisfying jingles that really drive home that winning feeling.

The background music is a clever mix of classical bits and upbeat tempos, creating an engaging soundscape that fits the lavish theme.


Symbols & Payouts

Step into a world of luxury and wealth in this game and get the following payouts through the various symbols:

  • Golden Piggy Bank: 5 - 12.5x, 4 - 5x, 3 - 2.5x
  • Scales: 5 - 7.5x, 4 - 2.5x, 3 - 1.25x
  • Whiskey: 5 - 5x, 4 - 2x, 3 - 1x
  • Cigars: 5 - 4x, 4 - 1.5x, 3 - 0.75x
  • A & K Cards: Each pays for 5 - 3x, 4 - 1x, 3 - 0.5x
  • Q, J, &10 Cards: Each pays for 5 - 2x, 4 - 0.5x, 3 - 0.25x

All the payouts above are expressed as a multiple of your bet. For instance, landing a win with 5 matching scales symbols will pay you 7.5x of your bet.

The Wild symbols are the male and lady pigs. These blighters substitute for all symbols to give your winning chances a proper boost and pay as much as the highest-paying symbol.


How to Play Piggy Bankers Video Slot

How to Play Pragmatic Play

How to Play Pragmatic Play's Piggy Bankers

It is time to brush up on your skills with some expert tips. Here's how to play this game:

  • Adjusting Your Bet Size: Kick things off by setting your bet size to suit your gaming style and budget. Use the (+) or (-) buttons to change the bet value and set it from €0.20 to €240.
  • Understanding the Autoplay Feature: If you fancy a more hands-off approach, the autoplay option lets you set the game to spin on its own for a set number of times.
  • Accessing Game Information: Click on the information (i) symbol to familiarize yourself with the paytable and game rules. This section provides information on winning combinations and bonus features.
  • Navigating the Interface: The game interface includes settings for sound effects, quick spins, and viewing options in coins or cash, which can be easily tweaked to your liking.
  • Enjoying the Game: You can start enjoying the game by spinning the reels through the spin button, space bar, or the enter key.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Piggy Bankers by Pragmatic Play

Bonus Features Explained in Piggy Bankers by Pragmatic Play

Piggy Bankers slot is chock-full of enticing bonus features. Here's what you can expect when you have a go:

Banknotes Reel Feature

The Banknotes Reel adds an extra bit of excitement, running horizontally across the top of the game screen. On any spin, Banknote symbols might pop up, offering various multipliers of your total bet.

If a full stack of Wild symbols lands right underneath a Banknote, you'll pocket its value, which can go as high as 100x your total stake. Plus, collecting a Free Spins Banknote by getting a fully stacked Wild below it will trigger the Free Spins round.

Wild Respins Feature

Triggering the Wild Respins Feature is straightforward. Just land a full vertical stack of Wilds to set it off. Depending on the type of Wilds, the Wilds will transform into a big Piggy Banker Wild or a Lady Piggy Banker Wild. The Piggy Banker Wild moves to the right after each Respin, while the Lady Piggy Banker Wild moves to the left after each Respin until they leave the reels.

The feature continues as long as at least one big Wild is in view. If both types of big Wilds meet on the same reel, not only does it trigger Free Spins, but if there's a Banknote above them, its value is awarded twice.

Free Spins Bonus Round

Free Spins kick off either by collecting the special Free Spins Banknote or when two big Wilds bump into each other on the same reel. Starting with five Free Spins, this mode introduces an exclusive Banknote worth a whopping 1,000x your total bet and allows for Respins following similar rules to the base game.

If two big Wilds meet during this bonus, they award an extra Free Spin and get a Multiplier worth 2x. The Respins will continue as each big Wild splits and moves towards the end of the reels. When a big Wild with a Multiplier crosses paths with another big Wild during Respins in this round, its Multiplier increases by 1x.

After the Free Spins end, any big Wilds symbols from the triggering Respin will reappear and finish the bonus.

Buy Free Spins Bonus

For those who can't wait to dive into the action, Piggy Bankers offers a direct route to the bonus fray with its Buy Free Spins feature. For 80x your current bet, you can instantly access one of the gateways to Free Spins.


Max Win, RTP, & Variance

Win 10,000x Your bet in the Piggy Bankers Video Slot!

Win 10,000x Your bet in the Piggy Bankers Video Slot!

Piggy Bankers offers a Maximum Win of 10,000x bet, an RTP of 96.05%, and a high variance. The Bonus Buy option tweaks the RTP slightly to 96.03%, subtly influencing player outcomes.

High variance means less frequent but potentially bigger wins, which is key for players who want the game's Maximum Win scenario. This game's hit rate is 1 in 3.72, and the Free Spins hit rate is 1 in 204. The Max Win should hit once in 11,737,100 spins.


Piggy Bankers Slot Machine - Final Verdict

Piggy Bankers Slot Machine - Final Verdict

Piggy Bankers Slot Machine - Final Verdict

The Piggy Bankers slot is so much fun because of the fully stacked Wilds and the Respins that they award. Unlike most Pragmatic Play slots, you get a Max Win of 10,000x of your bet in this one. The chances of winning the Max Win are very slim, but it is still fun to chase it, especially during the Free Spins. Remember, the Free Spins have a special Banknote worth 1,000x of your bet.

All of the bonuses in this game shine because of the big Wilds and the Respins. The Banknote Reel works well with the big Wilds and Respins to make the base game exciting. The base game is strong, but the Free Spins are stronger. Even though you only get 5 Free Spins, the Respins occur frequently to make the Free Spins round last much longer.

The Multipliers that can come into play during the Free Spins elevate the bonus above the base game. This slot's only caveat seems to be its high variance, but I don't think it will bother you if you bet low and get used to it.

I reckon Piggy Bankers is definitely worth a punt if you're after a game that combines excitement with the genuine prospect of big wins. Its unique features help it stand out in a crowded market. So give it a go and see if you can bring home the bacon!


Piggy Bankers Slot FAQ

Can I play Piggy Bankers slot for free to get the hang of it before betting real money?

Yes, you can absolutely play Piggy Bankers in demo mode right here at This is a brilliant way to familiarise yourself with the game's mechanics and bonus features without risking any of your own cash.

What makes Piggy Bankers video slot stand out from other slots?

Piggy Bankers distinguishes itself with its unique combination of Banknotes Reel and Wild Respins feature. The luxurious theme developed by Pragmatic Play, combined with high volatility and the chance for big wins, ensures an exceptional experience.

How does the Buy Free Spins feature work in Piggy Bankers slot machine?

If you're itching to jump straight into the action, you can use the Buy Free Spins option for 80x your current total bet. This instantly triggers the Free Spins round.

What's the Maximum Win I can aim for in Piggy Bankers slot?

In Piggy Bankers, you can win up to 10,000x your bet as the Maximum Win. However, due to the game's high volatility, achieving such wins requires patience and luck.

Is Piggy Bankers online slot suitable for players who prefer low-risk gaming?

As a high-volatility game, Piggy Bankers might not be ideal for those preferring low-risk gaming because wins occur less frequently. However, when they do happen, they tend to be more significant, which is something worth considering if you're comfortable with taking higher risks for potentially larger rewards.

How important is it to understand Piggy Banker's RTP and volatility?

It's crucial! Knowing that Piggy Bankers has an RTP of 96.05% and high volatility helps set your expectations correctly. It implies that while wins may not come as often as in lower-volatility games, there's potential for significant payouts when they do occur.