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The Dog House
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The Dog House by Pragmatic Play

The Dog House Review

The Dog House

Pragmatic Play never fails to entertain us with its unique-themed slot. This time, they have come up with a cute, dog-based theme in The Dog House. You will love this slot if you are a dog person, and if you are not, you will be enchanted with the different slot features and striking graphics. Try this slot, and it is loaded with everything you want.

Release: 05.03.2019
Max Win: X6750

Written by: Astrid Eriksson | The review was last updated: 02 Jul 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Buy Bonus









Ways to Win



Cute Slot Theme

Up to 27 Free Spins

Special Multiplier Wilds

Insane 6750x Jackpot

Impressive RTP


Very High Volatility

Facts About The Slot

Provider Pragmatic Play


RTP% 96.51

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Pets Cartoons

Game features

Sticky Wilds Bonus symbols Multiplier FreeSpins Wild

Getting a special bonus in The Dog House

Getting a special bonus in The Dog House

Intro to The Dog House

The Dog House is the cutest themed slot you can imagine, the slot is filled with cute and charming dogs and puppies, and the reels look as if they are different rooms in a house. 

The Dog House sets a unique vibe; it gives you a warm and loving gambling experience. The gameplay in the slot feels like a story; when you play this slot, you will feel like you have entered a house full of dogs, and they are running around. Every time you spin the reels, you excite the dogs, and they run. So if you are a dog lover, it will fulfil your wish of having a house full of dogs.

The slot features impressive visuals; all the elements are designed according to the slot's theme, enhancing your gambling experience. For example, as soon as you open the game, you are greeted by different dogs and pups; they are the game symbols. The dogs will be sitting in their various rooms; these small rooms are the multiple spaces in the reels. The developers at Pragmatic Play casino games have expertly crafted these slot elements to blend them into the slot's background.

The slot has a classic grid model; the slot is based on a five-reel, three-row and 20 payline structure. The structure being classic in the slots, should be easy for you to understand. In addition, the high number of paylines will make it easy for you to land winning combos.

Sample Gameplay from The Dog House


Graphics And Theme - The Dog House

The theme is the main attraction of The Dog House; the slot is wholly based around dogs. As the name suggests, there is a house on the slot that is full of dogs, and their small rooms where they are sitting are the spaces on the reels. 

Symbols are the most important element in any slot; you will watch them, you will want some specific symbols to land, and they will keep changing in every spin. The developers have expertly crafted the symbols at Pragmatic Play. There are two kinds of symbols in the slow, Regular symbols and Special Symbols; the regular symbols are the cash-paying symbols, including high-paying dog symbols and low-paying card symbols. The Special Symbols trigger bonus rounds and features. Hence, they look beautiful, like the Bonus Symbol and the Dog Kennel Symbol.

The slot's background is a dog neighbourhood; you can see different houses around; some plants and climbers are in the slot; all these add to the slot's theme. 

No slot is entertaining without a good soundtrack, and this thing has been taken very seriously in The Dog House. The music elements of the slot are soothing and immersive; there are different sound effects for different features like Special Bonuses, Free Spins, Reels Rolling and much more. 

Landing a High-Paying Combo on the reels of The Dog House

Landing a High-Paying Combo on the reels of The Dog House


How To Play The Dog House

Pragmatic Play takes special care that you enjoy a smooth gambling experience. The User Interface of the slot is straightforward and easy to use, all the controls are perfectly positioned, and you can easily change the values of bets and auto spins. 

As soon as you open the slot, you will face an intro screen, it is informative, but you can skip it if you want. Then you will be taken to the slot's home screen, the reels will be in the centre of the screen, and the controls to change the bet level and spin button are on the bottom right.

Setting the Bets
Before you start landing wins, you have to set the bet amount; the bet amount can be changed using the classic Bet Level and Coin Value options. The Bet Level changes the number of coins in the slot, and the coin value changes the currency value in those coins. The Minimum Bet in the slot is 0.20, and you can increase it to a max of 100.00 per spin; this is a vast betting range, and you can choose the bet amount that suits you.

Spinning The Reels
When the bets are set, you need to spin the reels and land a winning combo. The reels spin when you hit the spacebar; it is a nice shortcut to the spin button. If you are busy or just lazy, you can use the autoplay feature in the slot; it will spin your reels a set amount of times. 

Battery Saver
The Dog House has a unique Battery Saver feature; it will stop the animations on the reels and will do some other tweaks to save the battery on your device. This feature is essential when you want to have the fun of gambling on the go.


How To Win - The Dog House

You land in The Dog House just like you do in all the other online casino slot games; you have to land a combo of three or more similar symbols on one of the paylines on the slot.

Value of the Winning Combinations
The value of the payout will depend on the type of symbol you land; for Ex. the Doberman is the most lucrative symbol in the slot, and it will give you a multiplier of 2.5x if you land just three symbols on the reels. However, if you get long combos in the slot ( Four or Five Symbols), your payouts will highly increase, like in the previous example, if you get Four adjacent Doberman Symbols on a payline, your payout will increase to 7.5x, which is three times higher than the three-of-a-kind payout, and if you get super lucky and land five Doberman symbols, you will hit an unreal multiplier of 37.5x

Wild Wins
The Dog House has Special Wild Symbols, these Wilds will appear only on the middle three reels, and they will have inbuilt multipliers worth 2x and 3x. So when you get these Wilds in combos, their multipliers are added, you can get a max payout in wilds worth 9x.

Winning Free Spins in the Unique Bonus of The Dog House

Winning Free Spins in the Unique Bonus of The Dog House


Different Symbols in The Dog House

The Dog House features a wide variety of game symbols, all the symbols are broadly divided into Regular Symbols and Special Symbols. The Regular symbols are those which give a direct cash payout in the game when you land them on the reels in combos. The Special Symbols on the other hands are used to trigger Special Bonuses and bonus Rounds. 

The Regular Paying Symbols have different values and payouts, they are divided between low-paying and high-paying symbols. The low paying symbols are denoted by the card symbols 10, K, Q, J, and A. The High-Paying symbols are the different dog pictures, they give very high cash payouts.

The Doberman is the highest paying symbol in the slot, it gives a payout worth 37.5x when you land a 5 symbol combo. After the Doberman, the Poodle is the most lucrative symbol with a five symbol payout of 25x. The Pug comes third with a multiplier worth 15x for a 5 symbol payout. The Beagle is the last High-Paying symbol with a reward of 10x on the bet amount. 

The Special Free Spin round in The Dog House

The Special Free Spin round in The Dog House


Free Spins and other Features in The Dog House

The Dog House is loaded with many different Special Bonuses; there are base game features and Bonus ROund Features; you will never get bored with many exciting ways to get wins. 

Wild Symbols in The Dog House; these wild symbols substitute the Regular Paying symbols in the slot and help you win landing winning combos. The Wild Symbol is denoted by a shiny Kennel, containing a multiplier of either 2x or 3x. When you join a series of Wilds with a symbol combo, the multipliers in the wilds add up. For Example, if you land a combo with Two Regular Paying SYmbols and Three 3x Wild Symbols, the wilds will increase the slot's payout by 9x.

Free Spins
The Scatter Symbols in The Dog House will trigger the Special Free Spin Bonus round. The big Jewel Paw symbol denotes the Scatter Symbols; when you land three Scatter symbols, the Free Spin Bonus Round will activate. When the round is triggered, you will be taken to a new screen where a Doberman will be waiting for you with a wooden machine. This machine has nine different barrels, and each barrel contains numbers 1, 2, and 3. The Dog will rotate all the barrels, and you will get a random number of Free Spins from all these barrels, the minimum number of Free Spins you can get is 9, and if you are lucky, you can get 27 free Spins at max.

The Free Spins have many bonuses of their own. For example, during the Free Spins round, the High-Paying symbols will come in fully stacked forms. In addition, any Multiplier Wild which you land during the Free Spins Round will become a sticky wild, and it will stay fixed to its place till the round ends. 

With all these additional features, the slot becomes very explosive and powerful; it will be your best chance to get some insane payouts from the slot. 

Max Jackpot
The Dog House boasts a mind-blowing Jackpot worth 6,750x your wager; this is a very high amount and is very rare in Online Slots. When you play the slot with the highest bet of €100, you can win a massive jackpot worth €675,000. There is no progressive jackpot winnings in The Dog House, but the top Jackpot worth 6,750x more than compensates for it.

Winning a huge payout during Free Spins in The Dog House

Winning a huge payout during Free Spins in The Dog House


RTP and Volatility of The Dog House

Return To Player Percentage

The Return To Player Percentage of The Dog House is 96.65%, which means that if you play this slot with 100 coins, you will most likely get 96.65 coins back as payouts. The RTP is not a guarantee of the returns; it is just the average people who win on this slot. The RTP of 96.65% is fairly generous as it is almost 0.6% higher than the average RTP of such slots, which is 96%.


The Volatility of The Dog House is rated High, which means that this is a very aggressive game. As a result, the wins in The Dog House will not be as common as they are in the Low and Medium volatility slots. The best thing about High variance slots is that they offer very high payouts; this is evident from the top Jackpot in the slot, which is worth 6750x of your bet.


The Dog House has fixed paylines, there are 20 different Paylines in the slot, and you can land a winning combination on any of them. All the paylines in the slot are always active; you don't need to activate each payline manually. In some slots, you do need to manually activate the paylines, but it is a waste of time and money, as it takes coins to activate the paylines. 

Winning 13 Free Spins in The Dog House

Winning 13 Free Spins in The Dog House


Tips to use in The Dog House

Gambling on slots can be very dangerous when you don't have enough self-control. If you play with wrong bets and wrong budgets, you will quickly lose everything you have. So keep in mind the following tips while betting on the slot.

  • You should set your Bet amount very carefully; your bet amount should depend on your budget. If you play with big bets on small budgets, you will quickly run out of spins, and it can prove to be very dangerous in the case of High Variance slots. If you fail to land a great winning combo, you will go home empty-handed. Instead, set a bet which allows you to have at least 50 spins in your budget; it will even out the effect of losses and wins. 
  • The Stop loss and win limits should be set before starting the auto spin. It will stop the spins once you hit a pre-set low value in your balance or when you win a certain amount. This feature will keep your losses in control on a bad day, and you will have the fun of betting again soon. 
  • It should be noted that the spins are generated by Random Number Generators (RNGs), which means that the spins are not dependent on anything. Therefore, if you try to formulate a strategy based on the slot's probability and stats, you will find nothing that works over the long run.
  • Do not bet more amount than you can afford to use. If you use your savings on betting, there is a big chance that you might use everything and not be able to bet for a long time. 
Getting Three Scatter Symbols in The Dog House

Getting Three Scatter Symbols in The Dog House


Cross-Device Support of The Dog House

Now you will never miss the fun of gambling anywhere, all thanks to the great cross-device support of The Dog House. The slot is available on different platforms like mobiles, tablets, and computers. On computers, you can play it on Windows and Mac, and on a smartphone, both iOS and Android are supported. 

The developers perfectly optimize the slot, and you will face no quality issues on the mobile versions of the slots. Remember to use the battery saver feature whenever you are travelling and there is a shortage of battery. 

Have Fun!



Reasons to Play - The Dog House

Not just one, there are plenty of reasons why you would prefer The Dog House over other slots in the category. Following are some of the slot's main attractions:

  • The Dog House boasts excellent stats; it has a perfect Duo of a Great RTP and High Variance, you are sure to experience an explosive gambling experience.
  • The Slot can be played anytime, no matter where you are, thanks to the great mobile support which The Dog House offers.
  • The Slot is loaded with Special Features like Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers and Free Spins.
  • The Dog House features an unbelievable Top Jackpot worth 6750x your stake; this alone is sufficient to make you play this slot.
  • The Graphics and Sounds of this slot are striking and immersive; you will love the experience.


The Overall Verdict of The Dog House

If you are looking for a slot that is both great at playing and marvellous to look at, then your search ends here with The Dog House. Pragmatic Play has walked a new road this time with this dog-themed title. Although most of the slots by Pragmatic Play are usually based on serious themes like sci-fi, action, and ancient history, this is the first time they have created a slot filled with cuteness everywhere. 

As the name suggests, this slot is based around a house that is full of dogs; when you open the slot, you will see that there are no visible reel lines; instead, the dogs are sitting in their separate rooms, these small rooms form the grid for the slot. In addition, the symbols in the slot are theme-inspired; they are different dogs like Beagle, Doberman and a cute little Pug

If you think that this slot will be boring in the gameplay because of its theme, then you are entirely mistaken; the Dog House is filled with Special Bonuses, there are Free Spin Rounds, Sticky Wilds, Scatters, Multiplier Wilds and much more, you will never get bored of these bonuses. Furthermore, the slot takes good care of your hard-earned money; the RTP of 96.65% is a reasonable assurance of that.

Play The Dog House right now, and have some doggilicious gambling fun!


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Frequently Asked Questions - The Dog House

Are there Free Spins in The Dog House?

Yes, there are free spins chances in The Dog House, you can trigger them by landing Scatter Symbols. You can get between 9 and 27 Free Spins.

Can I win Real Money in The Dog House?

Of Course Yes, this is an online slot, you can gamble real money and take home some big payouts. Just visit any good digital online casino and search for The Dog House.

What is the RTP of The Dog House Slot?

The RTP of The Dog House is 96.65%, this is very generous as the industry standard for similar slots is around 96.00%

What is the Volatility rating of The Dog House?

The Dog House is a High Volatility Slot. High Volatility Slots are aggressive and explosive, they do not give very frequent wins, but their payouts are very high than other Slots.

How big is the Top Jackpot in The Dog House?

Being a High volatile slotmachine, you get a very high Max Jackpot in the slot, the top jackpot is worth 6,750x your bet, which is just insane.

Is there a Free Spins Bonus Round in The Dog House?

Yes, when you land Scatter Symbols on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel, you will trigger the Bonus Round. You can get between 9 to 27 Free Spins.

Can I play The Dog House for Free?

Yes, the Demo Version of the slot is available on BETO, you can play it using the game's own money. If you are new to The Dog House, try the free version of the slot before gambling with actual money.