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Skywind Group

The Skywind Group is a well-known developer of online casino games that focuses on slots the most. They don’t engage directly with the customers but partner with other companies and offer them their games and services. This could be the reason you aren't that familiar with them. Some of their well-known partners are Relax Gaming, Playtech, and PariPlay.

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 30 June 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, our Chief Content Officer, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams
Win up to 5,000x your bet in Big Buffalo Megaways

Win up to 5,000x your bet in Big Buffalo Megaways

Introduction and History of Skywind Group

The story of Skywind Group began in 2012 when Teddy Sagi founded it. Teddy Sagi is a well-known Israeli billionaire. It is not surprising that Skywind Group did great because Sagi is also the founder of Playtech and knows a lot about the gambling industry. Sagi already had a way to distribute the games that the Skywind Group created in the form of Playtech.

Since Sagi already had experience in the industry, he must have created a kickass team of developers, executives, and programmers. We can see the excellent result by looking at the exciting games that Skywind Group has put out.

The main headquarters are in the Isle of Man, but they also have several development centres worldwide. Some of the notable development centres are in Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus, and Australia. The advantage of having multiple studios has helped the company create unique content and work without any boundaries or restrictions.

They offer a complete package with a steady flow of newly released casino games, marketing materials, and easy integration. The variety of casino games offered by them is incredible. They have even introduced innovative engagement tools like shared wins jackpots, time-based jackpots, and amount based jackpots. These features provide flexibility and help in making people come back for more.

Other innovative engagement tools include Bonus Coins and Tournaments. Bonus Coins are pretty exciting because the players can get the Bonus Coins for free and redeem them for real money prizes if they reach the target balance. Tournaments aren’t bad either because the players can enjoy ranked tournaments to win exclusive prizes.

They aren’t just great at creating casino games because they have also got the Global Management System. It is designed to cover all of your management needs and provides essential services like payment gateways, an affiliate system, fraud prevention tools, multi-currency and language compatibility, flexible reporting, and much more.

The casino operators also get access to their gaming platform known as Falcon. It gives you access to a jackpot network and other tools to help customize the experience according to your needs. You can also create new casino games by using their Virtual Studio. When you take the game you have created and integrate it using Falcon, you will bring your vision to life.

When it comes to the variety of casino games and the ability to help casino providers in operating their renowned online casinos smoothly, Skywind Group does a fantastic job.

Big win in Lucky Charger slot

Big win in Lucky Charger slot


Exquisite Slots Collection

Skywind Group slots are something else because they feature bright colours and different themes combined with exciting features to give the players a wonderful experience. Even though the number of slots in their collection can’t be compared to the companies like the industry leader: NetEnt, they still have an impressive collection.

Each slot looks interesting and provides a smooth experience that will make you come back for more. The uplifting music and progressive jackpots in slots with bonus features like free spins and Wild respins make the slots rival the top developers in the industry. The graphics and theme are great because each slot is designed from scratch and not rushed at all.

The slots are designed to be compatible with all mobile devices, which is expected from a capable developer like Skywind Group. When you see a Skywind Group slot in a large collection of video slots by other top developers, you will feel that it is as good as the other slots, if not better than them. This is a big compliment, but their slots are great, so we have to appreciate them.

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Dolphin Delight video gameplay


Skywind Group Gameplay and Features

Skywind Group has included most of the latest and powerful mechanics featured in the best slots today. You can find slots with Megaways, unlimited win multiplier, bonus buys, double chance to win free spins, Wild multipliers, and much more. They aren’t afraid to go all out and create slots and other casino games that stand out.

Some interesting slots offered by them are:

  1. Alive Megaways
  2. El Paso Gold
  3. Lacasa Da Papel Deluxe
  4. Rising Samurai
  5. Gorilla Moon
  6. Big Buffalo

Let us discuss the gameplay and features of some of the powerful casino games offered by Skywind Group. The first interesting game that we will look at is Combat Masters. This is an adventure game where you will take on different enemies and defeat them by landing wins on the reels. Your character will travel across 8 worlds and defeat opponents by striking them repeatedly. You get to hit the opponent for getting a win, and the opponent can recover on non-winning spins. Progressing in the game unlocks unique bonus features. This is an awesome game that will attract all types of players because of the action-based gameplay.

While exploring their collection, we noticed that they have got casino games that are overloaded with features. For instance, the Alive Megaways slot has free spins with an unlimited win multiplier, extra chance feature, Play It Your Way feature, bonus buy feature and the Megaways mechanic. We love their approach, which is all about providing you with a wide variety of features and beautiful graphics.

You have to try some of their casino games to see how they combine so many features that complement each other.

Gameplay of Rain Balls slot

Gameplay of Rain Balls slot


Explore a Gallery of Themes

The awesome themes developed by Skywind Group vary so much that it is hard to believe that all of them have been developed by the same developer. One of the most interesting game theme-wise is the Alive Megaways slot design, which has the Frankenstein theme. The spooky music and the electric animations make the slot immersive and exciting.

The characters in this slot are Frankenstein, the doctor, the girl, and the doctor’s assistant. The brain symbol is the Wild, and the electric pole symbol is the Scatter. Everything about the theme works well together and delivers a powerful experience.

Big Buffalo Megaways is another fantastic slot from Skywind Group that features a wild theme. The Big Buffalo is the main symbol, but they also have an eagle, a fox, a wolf, and a big cat as symbols. The background is a desert, and the music is slow until you trigger free spins. Big Buffalo Megaways is another example of the slot that manages to do justice to its theme.

Lacasa Da Papel Deluxe is a Money Heist inspired slot that features a simplistic design with footage from the show. Landing three logos of the game allow you to trigger free spins. The symbols and the design is dark, and the music is suspenseful. Overall, the theme is interesting, even though it is really simple.

As you can see, Skywind Group has done a fantastic job with the themes. All of the themes are awesome and save you from boredom.

Enjoy an amphibious adventure in Dolphin Delight slot

Enjoy an amphibious adventure in Dolphin Delight slot


Enjoy Skywind Group Slots for Free

We know that you are excited to try Skywind Group slots but don’t want to risk real money and try them for free. That is why we have made sure that you can play these games for free right here at BETO. It is straightforward to play the slot you like for free.

You will enjoy the slot for free without any issues because the slots are built using Javascript and HTML5 technology. In simple words, they are compatible with all devices and will work on your browser without any issues. You only have to choose the slot you want to play and start enjoying.

Another method that you can use to play a slot for free is by using the no deposit bonus sign up. The advantage of using a no deposit bonus is that you can win money if you can meet the wagering requirements. You can search for no deposit bonuses or find them during special promotions by a casino. When it comes to Skywind Casino games, you are likely to find free spins that will help you win money for free.

Our advice is to first read the requirements that you need to meet before you avail any bonus. If you are confident that you can meet them, you can avail of the bonus and give it a try. Otherwise, it is better to enjoy it for free.


Is Skywind Group Worth my Time?

Yes, Skywind Group has got a premium collection of casino games and other services that make it easy to attract new players and promote a casino. There is no compromise in terms of quality or features because they have put in a lot of effort and taken inspiration from the latest releases.

Some of their ideas help in attracting new players who enjoy other games. There is a reason why many casinos have partnered with Skywind Group: their excellence and quality. So whenever you see a Skywind Group slot or casino game, never hesitate to give it a go.


Skywind Group - FAQ

What is Skywind Group?

Skywind Group is a provider of premium content for the iGaming or online gambling industry. It was founded in 2012 and has done really well over the years.

What are the services offered by Skywind Group?

Skywind Group offers a casino games portfolio, player engagement tools, analytics, and much more.

How many casino games and slots are offered by Skywind Group?

Skywind Group offers more than 300 high-quality casino games and slots.

Do Skywind Group slots work on mobile?

Yes, they work on Android and iOS mobile phones because of the HTML5 technology.

Can I try Skywind Slots for free?

Yes absolutely! you can try their game collection for free right here at BETO.