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StakeLogic is an online game developer that is famous for its unique slot machine themes and features. StakeLogic has brought a revolution in the online gaming industry with its cool and innovative gaming ideas, and you will find some of the most graphically intense and feature-loaded games on their game collection. StakeLogic has developed advanced slot technology like Slots 360° and the advanced MOBi mobile gaming platform. With more than 550 employees and 250 slots, this slot developer has proved its ability to deliver fantastic casino games and reach players worldwide.

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 25 July 2023 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Introduction to StakeLogic

Black Gold 2 Megaways from Stakelogic - play with up to 117,649 paylines

Black Gold 2 Megaways from Stakelogic - play with up to 117,649 paylines

Stakelogic's slogan is "Stakelogic’s state-of-the-art casino games are changing how players play.", and it pretty much sums up what they do. 

StakeLogic is one of the best and the most innovative game developer in the online gaming industry; the company was founded in 2015 by the well-established Novomatic subsidiary Greentube. The people who run StakeLogic are the most innovative and revolutionary minds on the field, and they have made it their mission to revolutionize the online gaming industry, and they are doing their best to do that. 

StakeLogic wants to change the way the games are played traditionally, and they are doing their best by introducing new and innovative games and technologies in the world of online gaming. The game collection of StakeLogic is not as large as some of the other developers, but at StakeLogic, you get the best and the most exciting games available online. 

StakeLogic uses sets of mathematical algorithms while developing their games to improve their gameplay, and their games are equipped with innovative pieces of technology that make them the most advanced games available. The technology that StakeLogic uses is the most advanced and the most suitable for developing slot games. For Example, StakeLogic uses 360° technology in their games; it lets their team build super engaging themes in their games and create eye-catching designs. You also get amazing features and bonuses in their games, all because of such technologies they use. 

StakeLogic developed Spartus, which is a trendy online slot, this game features Spartan warriors fighting in a battle, and with the help of their unique technologies, StakeLogic introduced cinematic effects and scenes in the slot, making it super exciting and fun-filled

Since they started working on their first game, the main priority of StakeLogic has always been customer satisfaction, which is the main reason why this company is working so hard to improve our gaming experiences. StakeLogic has developed a very wide game portfolio over the years, and they have made games for all the different audiences of online casinos. StakeLogic has developed a very wide game portfolio over the years, and they have made games for all the different audiences of Stakelogic Casinos.

Some of the top games by StakeLogic are Football Gladiators, Las Vegar Fever, and Dragons Mystery. 

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Bandits Thunder Link - This slot is packed with action with a Wild West theme


Software Platforms of StakeLogic

StakeLogic develops all its games on the HTML5 platform; this platform is perfectly compatible with a variety of different devices like computers, mobiles, and tablets. This platform is better and advanced than the old Adobe Flash platform that many developers still use. As StakeLogic uses a better platform, its games are better in terms of animations, smoothness, and graphic richness. When you play a game on the mobile version, it will work perfectly, and you won't face any lag or glitch in the game, as it is perfectly optimized by StakeLogic to run on different platforms. You can play StakeLogic games on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, and you will never miss the fun. 


Game Selection at StakeLogic

StakeLogic enjoys the reputation of being a perfectionist when it comes to the development of online games, and it is because StakeLogic makes sure that all of its games are perfect and flawless in every aspect, and they excel in all the gaming parameters. 

StakeLogic makes the most loaded games in the industry; their games are filled with different bonus features and special promotions and offers. You get a very loaded and electric gaming experience whenever you play a game by StakeLogic. This perfection is the reason why their gaming selection is not as large as some of the other game developer's. StakeLogic develops their games on the advanced HTML5 platform, and they use their own MOBi platform for the distribution of their games. Still, you can't say that their game selection is small because they have enough games to keep you busy for months.

StakeLogic games are super famous; some of their most trendy titles are Royal Fortune, Fata Morgana, Random Runner, Spartus, Dragon Adventure and King Bam Bam.

Viking Smash from Stakelogic is a highly  volatile slot

Viking Smash from Stakelogic is a highly volatile slot


History of StakeLogic

StakeLogic was started in 2015 by Greentube, which is another very popular gaming developer. Greentube is a subsidiary of Novomatic, which is also in the same industry. Since its start, StakeLogic has been a very innovative and revolutionary company and has had a very ambitious team. StakeLogic achieved great success, and is now an independent company under Triple Bells, and manages its operations on its own. The company is located in the Netherlands, and it is one of the few online gaming companies in the country. 

StakeLogic is a group of more than 85 hard-working individuals who work their best to develop unique and innovative casino games. StakeLogic is a very big and dynamic organisation, they have offices in different parts of the world, but they monitor all of the work from their HQ in the Netherlands. StakeLogic has its HQ in Eindhoven, the Netherlands; it has also set up some offices in Malta and Ukraine and on the Isle of Man. Since its incorporation, StakeLogic has developed more than 100 online casino games, and all of them are best in class video slots. 

In Malta, StakeLogic's motto is "Think Bigger", and it is what they do. They just don't make games on existing ideas and pump up some classic games; they think big and out of the box. They develop unique and innovative game designs and features to make their games super smooth and electric

StakeLogic has always tried to give its customers the best, and that was the main reason why it created its unique 360 Degree technology, which is a special technology for developing real money casino games. 360 Degree technology allows StakeLogic to put in some very powerful graphics and gameplay elements in the video slots.

StakeLogic holds licenses from several different authorities, including the gaming authority of the UK, Romania, Malta, and Sweden, which is just great. StakeLogic also partners with other companies; in the past, they have collaborated with NordicBet and Betsson to improve their gaming experience. In 2021, StakeLogic formed a part of the committee that founded The Dutch gaming Association, and StakeLogic will integrate its gaming platform with that of the DCA's. 

Mayan Rush bonus features include Free Spins, a multiplier and a gamble feature

Mayan Rush bonus features include Free Spins, a multiplier and a gamble feature


StakeLogic Games

StakeLogic has focused all its efforts on the production of online slots; thus, it only offers slot games at the moment. StakeLogic has a very wide selection of slot games, and these games can be broadly classified into two categories. First, there are the modern video slots, which are the fast-paced and feature-loaded modern slot games that give you a very immersive gaming experience, and have very strong and heavy themes. Secondly, there are the classic slot games, which are developed to give you a simple and minimal betting experience.

Their RTP is somewhat similar to the modern slots, but their features and graphics are minimal and sober. They are designed to look like the old physical slot machines, which were nowhere near modernisation and innovation. 

You will see high use of advanced technologies, heavy usage of 3D graphics, and loads of bonuses and special features in the modern slots. The classic slots at StakeLogic, on the other hand, only focus on the basics of the slots and use minimal bonus features and animations; this makes them look more classic and authentic. 

Top Slot Games by StakeLogic

StakeLogic is not the oldest game developer, and it has not been very long since it entered the market, but it has successfully created a special place for itself in the online gambling world. StakeLogic has produced some of the top slots in popular online casinos around the world. It uses unique and innovative features like Super Stake and Mega Super Stake that electrify your gaming experience

The top games developed by StakeLogic are the Book of Adventure, Lion Gold Super Stake Edition, Einstein Eureka Moments Deluxe, and Fruits Gone Wild Supreme. StakeLogic has also made slots using the Megaways engine. For Example, StakeLogic developed the Gold Black Megaways, which is a Megaways slot made using the mechanics of Big Time Gaming. 

Voodoo Reels from Stakelogic provides you a  fun theme and lots of game features

Voodoo Reels from Stakelogic provides you a fun theme and lots of game features


Jackpot and Live games at StakeLogic

Right now, you won't find any table games like Poker and real blackjack at the game selection of StakeLogic. It is so because StakeLogic uses all its resources on its slot section. They do their best to develop the perfect slot games, and it requires all of their attention. This is the reason why their slot games are always the best and top-rated

Jackpot Games

At StakeLogic, they make some of the best and the most rewarding games on the market. They have a huge range of slots for you to choose from, and many of them also include exciting and rewarding jackpots. Jackpots are a very important part of any good slot, and the developers at StakeLogic understand this. At their games, you can win some really generous wins, so make sure to give them a try. However, you won't find any progressive jackpots by StakeLogic.

Live Dealer Games

Like the table games, you won't find any live dealer games at StakeLogic. The specialisation of StakeLogic has always been online slots and their innovation, and they use all of their resources for them only. They might diversify into live games and table games in the future, but they have no immediate plans for that. If you still want to play the live dealer games, then you can check out the live games collection at Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and NetEnt Live.

Update: StakeLogic has recently introduced live casino games, like European Roulette and American Blackjack. This shows their commitment to constantly improving and providing the players with the latest options.


StakeLogic Bonuses

At different online casinos, you get a bunch of promotions and bonuses, and these bonuses are in the form of free spins, matching bonuses, and casino no deposit bonuses. At these online casinos, you will usually get deposit-based welcome bonuses in the form of free spins and free cash. You can use that free cash or the matching bonus you get on your deposit to play on StakeLogic games. 

Best Online Casino Bonus at StakeLogic

The best bonus you can redeem on a StakeLogic game is to play the StakeLogic slots using the casino's matching bonus money. It will give you a chance to fill up your gaming account without even having to risk your hard-earned money on the slots. 

Book of Adventure - Come and hang out with the famous Horus, Anubis and pharaoh Tutankhamun

Book of Adventure - Come and hang out with the famous Horus, Anubis and pharaoh Tutankhamun


Safety and RTP of StakeLogic Games

Safety of StakeLogic Games

StakeLogic is a certified gaming developer that has been certified by a number of reputed gaming authorities. The gaming authorities of the UK, Malta, and Romania have given StakeLogic a green signal, and StakeLogic is also ISO 27001 certified. Having an ISO certification means that StakeLogic follows the international guidelines and standards of preparing and maintaining its financial information and other official info. You are in completely safe hands when you play at any StakeLogic game; stay assured. 

RTP of StakeLogic Games

The average RTP of StakeLogic games is around 96.00%, which is generous as it is the industry standard for such slots. Talking about the volatility, at StakeLogic, you will find games with different volatility ratings, ranging from low to high, and you can choose your game as per your preference. 


The Overall Verdict of StakeLogic Slot Developer

StakeLogic is one of the most popular online slot machine developers, it is because of its unique and modern approach towards the production of its games. StakeLogic uses new and innovative technologies and platforms to develop its slots, and it makes sure that each and every slot it develops stands out from the rest and has a unique identity of itself. 

StakeLogic games are the most hi-tech games, and there are super popular because of their perfection and impeccable quality. Its games are great in terms of graphics, stats, and special features, and you can find StakeLogic games on almost all the popular online casinos, and you can also use your free cash bonuses on these slots. 

StakeLogic mainly focuses on the development of slot games, and it develops both kinds of slots, modern as well as classic slots. It develops its games on the modern HTML5 format, and you can run its games on different devices like computers, phones, and tablets. 

Here at BETO, all the games by StakeLogic are available in their demo versions, and you can try them for free and explore their different features and bonuses.


Frequently Asked Questions - StakeLogic

What games does StakeLogic make? Arrow Arrow

StakeLogic currently only develops slot games, and they have made over 100 unique slot games since they started.

Are StakeLogic games fair? Arrow Arrow

Yes, absolutely, StakeLogic games have been approved by the concerned gaming authorities, and they follow all the guidelines and regulations set up by them.

Is StakeLogic a popular developer? Arrow Arrow

Yes, StakeLogic is a popular name in the online gambling world, and you will find its games on most of the popular online casinos.

What makes StakeLogic games worth playing? Arrow Arrow

StakeLogic games are the best because they are loaded with innovative special features and bonuses. One of such bonuses is the Mega Super Stake, which will increase your bet by 2.5x, and you will also get 10 free spins.

What is the average RTP of StakeLogic games? Arrow Arrow

The average RTP of StakeLogic games is 96.00%.

Where can I play the free versions of StakeLogic games? Arrow Arrow

All the games of StakeLogic are available here at BETO in demo versions; you can play them for free.