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Roulette System and Betting Strategies To Get The Advantage

The ultimnate guide to finding the best roulette betting strategy.

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Roulette Betting System - Pros and cons

The ultimnate guide to finding the best roulette betting strategy.

Written by: Stefano Rossi | The review was last updated: 12 August 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Stefano Rossi, a BETO™ expert in game theory and quantitative analysis, specializes in classic casino games like Roulette, drawing on considerable experience from Italian casinos. About Stefano Rossi

Roulette systems are great mechanics that can help you to book big wins in Roulette games, but these systems might sound a little confusing for you. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner in the game or a master, as you are likely to get confused between positive and negative progressive roulette betting systems and the different variants of these Roulette systems.

We have curated this expert guide that will help you to understand the pros and cons of a progressive betting system for roulette better. Learning about all the popular roulette strategies will make you a better roulette player in the long run.


What is a Good Roulette Betting Strategy For Online Casino Games

Roulette is not a new game, and it has been the queen of casino-table-games for more than 300 years. During its vast history, there have been many incidents where gamblers have tried their best to formulate different roulette betting strategies that gives them an edge over the house. The phrase "The house always wins" irritates the players, and they get very excited and motivated to get back what is theirs by betting even more.

Many players follow certain strategies that they think the absolute best roulette systems. Here are the pros and cons of the most successful roulette strategies and classic strategies based on gametheory and betting patterns.

Pros and Cons of using a betting strategy to win at roulette:

  • A betting strategy adds some automatication to your gameplay when you play roulette. 
  • The best roulette strategies force you to keep track of your bets, and record your statistics playing roulette. 
  • All the roulette strategies that are most successful tries to get a casino advantage according to short term statistics.
  • No winning system can change the long term odds of the roulette wheel, as the roulette game is based purely on luck.
  • In cases of loss, these systems make it very hard for you to leave the roulette table, and you keep on playing roulette.
  • Your luck is likely to change, and the roulette strategy can force you to stretch your gambling sessions at the roulette table.
The best roulette strategies are effective in short bursts

The best roulette strategies are effective in short bursts


What are Positive Progressive Roulette Betting Systems?

A positive progression system is a popular type of roulette strategy based on players to bet more when they are winning and less when  losing. It can become a little confusing and complex to decide when it is best to follow positive progressive roulette betting systems, as a streak is difficult to spot, and you might not identify it before it ends.

Some of the best roulette strategies following the principles of a positive progression also encourage the players to slowly increase the bets but decrease the bets very quickly when they lose.

✅ Most successful roulette strategy systems using positive betting progression are considered less risky as you are not likely to lose all of your money on a single bet.


What is a Negative Progression Roulette Strategy?

A negative progression roulette strategy are the opposite of positive betting systems, as they encourage players to bet higher when they are losing money. This helps the players to win back what they lost very fast. The most famous of these roulette strategies is the Martingale system. Casino betting systems like the Martingale strategy are relatively risky as they can rapidly drain your bankroll.

You are likely to get in a tough spot when you follow a negative progression roulette strategy, and that's why BETO recommends you set a budget in advance.

In negative progression roulette strategies, there are many variations, and you can reduce your risk by varying the betting profile. Ultimately, the negative roulette strategies are based on a simple approach:

  • Bet a higher amount to settle your previous loss whenever you lose following your roulette strategy.


How to find the Best Roulette Strategies for Casino Games

If you are new to using a system or strategy when you play roulette, try different roulette strategies with low betting levels. You can do this on either the digital software or on live Roulette tables as well.

Keep practising different sequences and find a roulette strategy that fits your style of playing online roulette, and save the ones that you feel are working for you.

Make sure you set a stop-loss limit for yourself and leave the online roulette games when you have hit your profit target for the session. Set the limits before you start betting in your online games, and don't change the betting rules during the gameplay when you play roulette online.


Do Betting Strategies Actual Work at The Roulette Table in Online Casinos

Roulette is a very old game, and during these years, many people have tried their hands on developing formulas and equations to crack a method/system that gives you a winning roulette system. People have been using different physics and mathematical concepts to formulate a working roulette strategy. A classic example is the famous Fibonacci system and the James Bond roulette strategy.

The inventor of the game, Blaise Pascal, looked into the game with philosophical insight, and he tried to understand the problem of making decisions in case of uncertain events, and this was when he first looked into the probability theory. Even Albert Einstein tried to find a winning roulette strategy but concluded that it was impossible.

All the developed roulette strategies give you winning chances in the short run, but they can equally result in losses as well. The experts in the field have acknowledged that the short term stats of a game are different than the long term, and the well-designed roulette strategy can be effective in shorter gaming sessions.


How to Develop a Roulette Strategy for The Online Roulette Wheel

You can freely explore and test different gaming systems, and it is safe as long as you gamble within your set limits and play responsibly. At BETO, we strongly suggest that you test your strategies on the free demo games and bet tiny amounts in the testing phase. However, you still need to be careful. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind while testing Roulette systems:

  • The wins are never guaranteed, regardless of the system you are trying, and no system gives you a 100% win rate.
  • Systems in Roulette need a bit of pre-planning, so playing spontaneously is not recommended while testing Roulette systems.
  • Weigh different systems before testing them, compare the risks vs the rewards.
  • Set your gaming limits before playing, stop playing if you git your target win, and leave if your account balance decreases below a certain limit.
Fibonacci roulette strategy is simular to other classic gambling strategies.

Fibonacci roulette strategy is simular to other classic gambling strategies.


Famous and Classic Roulette Systems

During the long history of the roulette table game, people have identified and formulated many betting systems to get an edge over the casinos. However, the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems have always been questioned. Here are some of the most famous Roulette gambling systems:

Martingale System for European Roulette

The famous Martingale Roulette System is without a doubt the most famous Roulette strategy ever made. This system is perfect for situations where you have a 50/50 chance of winning. For example, it is perfect for betting on red or black. The best thing about Martingale Roulette System is its simplicity. The system says that you should double your stake every time you lose a wager, as you are eventually going to win sometime, and that win would be very large, and it will cover all of your losses, giving you a huge payout. This theory is logically apt, but the only drawback of the theory is that you need a possibly infinite bankroll to get a 100% surety of success. It is pretty dangerous as things can go wrong very quickly. If you are playing a small bet of 5, and you lose a couple of times, your bet will increase to 80 just after 5 spins, and it will increase to a huge 2,560 just after 10 unsuccessful tries. You might keep sitting waiting for a lucky win, and this is a big drawback of the Martingale Roulette System.

Labouchère System For Even Money Bets

The Labouchère System is another very famous gambling system popular for outside bets in Roulette games, also known as a cancellation method. The Labouchère System is a simple system to approach 50/50 bets and is also used in other casino games. When you play with this system, you will first decide how much you want to win, and you convert it into small components. For Example, if you want to win 100, you convert into 10 units of 10 each.

After converting the total amount, you write a succession of units that add up to 10, like 1, 2, 3, 2, 2. For the first stake, you take the first and third numbers in the order, like 2 and 1, or even 3. If you win a bet, you will cross that number out from the sequence, and if you lose, you will bring a 3 at the very end of your order and perform the sequence again. When you successfully cross out all the numbers, you will have completed your initial winning goal of 100. This system is very stable and has better chances of giving you a big payout. However, it might not be as fast as the Martingale Roulette System.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy was developed by a French gambling expert Jean le Rond D’Alembert. The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy is kind of similar to the martingale strategy, but it features a comparatively flatter increase in the stakes. This system too is best for games with 50/50 chances, and the game system, in theory, suggests that you play the game chip by chip, as it will protect you from losing a huge amount which will quickly drain your account balance, but at the same time, your winnings will also take a little time to accumulate.

Similar to the D’Alembert Roulette Strategy, there is another gambling system known as the Contre D’Alembert, that asks you to improve your bet by one level every time you win, but you hold the level every time you lose.


Systems can be a Positive Player Tool in Your Roulette Game

It can't be denied that gambling systems are pretty lucrative equations, and you are likely to think that they are surely going to make you a wealthy man, but you need to remember that these systems do not guarantee success. They don't guarantee anything because gambling is purely based on chance, and you can never completely rely on anything that is based on luck. You should remember that these systems are useful only in the long run, where you make hundreds of bets, as these systems are based on probability, and the power of probability comes into play only when you give it a lot of chances. However, this can sound easy, but in actual gameplay, you will need a huge account balance if you want to rely on these betting systems, which is very risky. 

For Example, the Martingale Roulette System needs you to double your bets every time you lose, which can ruin your financial position super rapidly, and you will not even realise when you have run out of your money and go back home empty-handed. That's why these betting systems are appropriate for people who have control over themselves, who know when to stop, who know when to put an end to the wild betting adventure. So, if you are planning to follow a betting system, make sure you enjoy gambling in a disciplined way and properly manage your money.

So, in the end, we have only one tip for you, you can try any betting systems and variations you want, but set your win and loss limits and make sure you stick to them.

Try these different betting systems on different games and casinos recommended and tested by us here at BETO. Here you can also read more such articles that will increase your betting knowledge.


Frequently Asked Questions about Roulette Systems

The most asked questions and answers about Roulette systems.

What is the best Roulette system to play in the casinos?

Honestly, there is no perfect betting system that exists, as all systems have their own strengths and weaknesses. In the end, you should remember only one thing, all of these systems are based on probability and do not guarantee success. Make sure you practice a system well on the free games before using it in actual games.

Do Roulette systems really work?

These betting systems have actually worked in the past for players who have identified biased wheels, but in today's time, that is very unlikely to happen. No betting system is going to guarantee you success, but they are pretty useful if you play in a disciplined and responsible manner, you can read about them in the article and try them out on different games available here at BETO.

Do Roulette systems improve your odds at the casinos?

No, there is no way a betting system can change the odds of the game, as they are based on probability and the structure of the game, which is based on pure luck. However, the betting systems try to use these odds in their favour and formulate methods of getting the most out of these odds.

Does the Martingale Roulette system guarantee me wins?

No, no betting system can guarantee you a win, but the Martingale Roulette system is a famous setting, and you can try it with small bets to see whether it suits you or not. Make sure you play many bets before jumping to conclusions as these betting systems are the most effective in long gaming sessions.