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Baccarat Strategy and Betting Strategies Explained by Pro

Baccarat Casino Game - Learn to Play Baccarat as a Pro

Baccarat Strategies and Betting Systems

Baccarat Casino Game - Learn to Play Baccarat as a Pro

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 20 January 2024 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

Baccarat is a card game mainly based on luck, and if you have ever played it, you'll know that there are many nuances to the exciting game. Some advanced tactics and strategies can increase your chances of winning, and the good news is that we'll explain some of the best Baccarat strategies that you can use to turn the luck on your side!

This article will talk about helpful betting strategies that you can use while playing Baccarat. After extensive research and uncountable hours of playing, these are developed by various card game experts.


Advanced Betting Systems for Baccarat

Always consider the House Edge while making bets when you play Baccarat online, regardless of the strategy you use. You should never make the "sucker's bet" by spending time on tie bets, and the banker bet has the lowest House Edge of all, but there's a catch:

  • A Banker bet has a House Edge of 1.06%
  • A Player bet has a House Edge of 1.24%
  • A Tie bet has a House Edge of 14.4%

So, it's clear that you should always avoid a tie bet. Although betting banker looks the most appealing after studying the payout table, always remember that most casinos take some commission when the banker wins. On the other hand, Player wins don't attract any commission, so the banker's hand has a slight disadvantage in the eyes of the players.

Also, note that the House Edge stays the same, regardless of the betting strategy you choose. Whether it be a negative or positive progressive system for betting.


Winning Baccarat Strategy Playing Baccarat Games?

There is no winning Baccarat strategy that can guarantee you winning every round! Strategies can help you survive the losing streaks without losing to much and make sure you dont get emotionally involved with your game and systemizing your playing technique.

Every Baccarat strategy aims to reduce the House Edge and decrease it to the lowest value possible. It's simple to do that. Again, always remember the best strategy is to bet on the banker position and count cards.

In theoretical terms, the house's edge for the banker position is 1.06%. It's a bit higher on the player position, at 1.24%. It's the highest for a Tie bet, at 14.36%, which is high. Thus, always go for the Banker bet.

The low banker bets is not the only reason in favour of focusing on this bet type, and there are further reasons as well. In a game of Baccarat with 8 decks of cards, your payout percentage (winning) on Player position is 44.63%, losing chances are 45.87%, and you are likely to tie 9.51% of hands. On a Banker position, you will win 45.87% of hands, lose 44.65% of hands, and 9.51% of your hands will tie.

If we ignore the chances of a tie, then the Banker position will win 50.68% of the time, while the reverse is valid for the Player position. So, the Banker position has higher chances of winning. That's why there is a 5% commission on Banker bets in most Baccarat games.

Still, the Banker bet is at a good advantage of 1.17%, and you should always bet on it in a standard game of Baccarat if you dont used advanced strategies such as counting cards.


Player vs Banker Bet - What Type of Betting Fits Your Playstyle

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When you try to find a good Baccarat playing strategy, you partly accept that the role of luck and chance is involved in every single hand you play.

There will always be a distinct House Edge in the gameplay. statistically, you can't beat the House Edge, no matter what you do. But, the most exciting thing is that you don't even need to beat the House Edge to win a Baccarat game.

Baccarat is an entertaining game to play. When you use a specific technical strategy to improve your game, it increases your confidence. Follow the Baccarat strategies, and you'll feel a difference in your game results.

Baccarat needs both your skill and your luck, and it won't work if either is missing. Although luck straightaway outweighs any level of skilled play, you should always abide by a good betting strategy to maximize your winnings.

Try different playing strategies for free here at on our Baccarat simulator.


How to Win in Baccarat Card Games

While reading about the different rules, you'll understand that it is pervasive for online casino sites to take their cut from Banker bets. This is a common practice, and a good Baccarat gambling strategy will consider it.

Remember that the banker's cut is around 5%. Confirm this at the online casino you wish to gamble at if you want consistent payouts from the game. It's essential as some iGaming venues benefit from it and charge as high as 20% for banker cuts.

To understand these details better, you should look at the terms and conditions of the game. You can also contact the customer support of your online casino to find out. You won't find this in most guides on how to win at Baccarat, as they don't want you to win. But this is very important, and you should know about the Baccarat playing strategies.


Bankroll Management in Baccarat Game Strategy

Here is a unique money management trick that you can use to maintain and manage your gambling balance effectively. It's very efficient and will help you more than any slick trick or Baccarat reading pattern.

So, the thing while playing Baccarat is that you can get on crazy money-making streaks where you can win double payouts up to 10 times in a row. It is true and happens more often than you think. Here at, we analyze different Baccarat games and variations, and we have seen people turning €100 into over €3,000 in just 15-minute sessions.

However, don't get blinded by this, as the House Edge is always there, and it will kick in sooner or later. No matter how small it is, it always takes its share. So, the next time you are up a few grand, don't let your emotions take over, and play with caution. Remember to walk away when you are in a good position, or the house will take almost everything back instantaneously.

Money management will guide you on how to bet and gamble, and make sure you stick to your rules. Even the most experienced players sometimes go with the flow and suffer heavy losses.


Card Rules and Baccarat Game Theory

Baccarat Casino Games - Learn how to master Baccarat Strategies

Baccarat Casino Games - Learn how to master Baccarat Strategies

The journey of learning a winning strategy for any gambling game starts from the basics. In this guide to gambling, we talk about Baccarat betting strategies, but the statement holds for every gambling title. The first step in your journey would be to learn the basics of playing that particular game. Understand how a Baccarat game is played, the different variations and types, and learn how to place bets and land winnings.

In Baccarat, there are majorly 3 kinds of bets, the Player bet, the Banker bet, and the Tie. When you bet a Player of Banker, you are not betting on yourself against the casino, but you are betting on one of the two different outcomes that are a part of the game.

You will choose a hand you have confidence in, and you want to bank. The game is settled when each is dealt a card, and the one who is closest to 9 wins the game.

This way, if the player has been dealt a 7, and the Banker is dealt a 5, you'll win your first bet if you play bet on the player's side. When both hands are equal, it will be considered a tie, and you would win this round if you bet on the Tie. Now you know how to play a Baccarat round, and you are ready to start your session. But wait, there is something else you should know about.

As we told you at the beginning of the article, the Banker bet is better than the rest statistically. Its superiority is the reason why many secure online casinos charge you a small fee when you back the Banker bet. Most players ignore it, but the experts who research and do their homework before gambling know it. Now you know it too, and you have the edge over most players.


Picking The Best Strategy to Use at The Baccarat Tables

As we mentioned, there are 3 types of bets you can make in a Baccarat game. There is the Banker bet, the Player bet, and the Tie bet. Which bet you will choose entirely depends on your way of approaching the game, along with the kind of betting system you are following and your current Baccarat table.

When it comes to Baccarat bets, the rule of thumb says you should look at the bets and go with the most favourable one. Here are the probabilities of winnings:

  • The Player Bet - 44.61%
  • The Banker Bet - 45.84%
  • The Tie Bet - 9.45%

From the looks of it, there is just a slight advantage in favour of the Banker Bet when it comes to the odds. But, even the most minor statistical edge can be a game-changer in a game of chances. These statistical edges are sometimes even more effective than skills and the gambler's talent. So, it would be the best choice to go ahead with the Banker bet. It is very reasonable, and we strongly suggest it.

Although the supremacy of the Banker bet is very simple and clear to understand through the winning probabilities stated above, many people go with it just out of habit and folklore. Some people believe that one kind of bet is better and luckier than another, without scientific and technical reasons. However, in the case of the Banker's bet, this "gambler's fallacy" is true and works.

As there are many unique versions and powered-up variations of the classic Baccarat game, the probability of the Bets changes slightly. Thankfully, it usually moves on the better side, and the theoretical odds of a Banker Bet winning can increase as high as 50%, which is superb.

This strong advantage favours the banker bet forces online casinos to commission these bets, usually around 5%. Still, there is no need to get confused with all these statistics and numbers if they feel too much. Just remember that the Banker bet is the most rewarding one. Don't just take our word for it. Talk to the master gamblers of Baccarat, and the one standard tip all of them will tell you is to bet on the Banker's side.


The Player Bet in Baccarat

Casino Games - Don’t underestimate the player bet in Baccarat

Casino Games - Don’t underestimate the player bet in Baccarat

Even though the Banker bet has the highest statistical advantage and is recommended by most experts, including our panel at, you shouldn't just ignore the other dynamics of Baccarat gameplay.

The Player Bet is also a decent choice to go with, and it's also the default bet for many Baccarat strategies. Mathematical proofs show that the Banker bet performs poorly because of the commission when you play according to a fixed system, like Labouchere, Martingale, and Fibonacci.

As these strategies are mainly based on the multiple minor gains that you accumulate over a long session, you may want to avoid this strategy. The commission associated with the Banker's bet is also why many people don't like these systems.

So, the Player Bet is also not essentially a wrong choice in Baccarat games, and you can use it in certain situations. It is vital that you thoroughly explore the game and not only stay confined to the Banker's bet.


What does Game Theory say about the Baccarat TIE Bet?

Do not make a Baccarat Strategy focused on the Tie Bet in the Card Game

Do not make a Baccarat Strategy focused on the Tie Bet in the Card Game

After talking about the Banker bet and the Player bet, we come down to the third option available to you, the Tie bet.

No specific Baccarat gambling strategy will focus on betting on the Tie bet, as it does not come with any specific benefits. From the statistical point of view, it will grant you a win in only 14 cases out of 100, making it a wrong choice. So, due to this low chance of coming up, it still doesn't pay any respectable amount. Thus, there are a lot of points that are against going with the Tie Bet.

It will be a fair round when you bet on one of the 2 primary outcomes or the 2 most probable outcomes. And even if a tie is landed, it won't cause a significant loss.

So, we can safely conclude that there is not much incentive for you to bet on a Tie. If you are still not convinced, then don't worry. There is another vital statistic you should know about, which we are sure will dissuade you from betting on a Tie.

While researching the probability of different baccarat wagers, we found out that the Tie bet has a House Edge of 14.4%. It's much higher than the Banker and Player bets. The House Edge of the Banker bet is a mere 1.06%, and the Player bet also performs very decent at 1.26%.

So, one fundamental of betting in Baccarat is that you should never bet on Tie. Bet on either Player or Banker, but not Tie.


The Classic Strategies Like The Martingale Baccarat System

Broadly, there are 3 different types of betting systems, and each is different. The most basic type is flat betting systems, where every bet is of the same amount. Along with this, there is also a positive betting system and a negative progression system, and hybrid varieties of these.

Positive progression systems require you to increase your bet after a win gradually. The negative progression system is the reverse of the positive progression system.

There are many betting systems available. Here are some classic strategies which you can use during your next Baccarat game:


Martingale Baccarat Betting Strategy

The classic Baccarat Martingale Strategy explained

The classic Baccarat Martingale Strategy explained

The classic Baccarat Martingale Strategy is probably the most popular Baccarat betting strategy. It's based on a negative progression system used in the betting strategies of numerous betting and card games. You need to bet the same amount after a win, double the stake after a loss and then return to the original bet again when a win is landed.

Here is an example:

You are playing a Baccarat game, you placed a bet of 5, and you won, then you'll again bet 5 on the next hand. It will go on like this. If you get a loss, you double your wager to 10. If you again get a loss, you double it to a 20. You will keep on increasing the stake like this till you win. It will reset your bet, and you'll again start with a 5 bet. The basic idea of this strategy is to make up for all your losses with an eventual win.

You may have noticed that the bets can grow in size very quickly, which is a significant disadvantage of this betting system. If you are having an off day and lose 10 hands in a row, a bet worth 5 can turn into a massive gamble of 2,560. Not everyone has a large enough bankroll to sustain bets like this. And even if you do, it is likely higher than the upper limit of the table.

So, the Martingale strategy also has some limitations, and it's good to know.


The Famous Paroli Baccarat System

Paroli Baccarat Strategy and Progression Betting System.

Paroli Baccarat Strategy and Progression Betting System.

The Paroli system is another famous betting system, and it works on the positive progression betting system. It's a classic betting strategy and has been helping players to get the most out of their betting sessions for many years. It is straightforward to understand and learn and can be applied to many betting titles, not just Baccarat.

Continuing with the Paroli Strategy, you first need to choose a starting bet that you'll gamble at the start of every progression. Gambling masters feel that this starting bet should be around 2% of your total gambling bankroll. So, if you have a gambling balance of 1000 to bet, you should keep the bet at 20, not more than that.

This system needs you to keep the bet the same after a loss and double after a win.

This is in sharp contrast to the Martingale strategy, and it derives its payouts from long winning streaks which come with streams of prizes. Safety is also considered in this strategy, and you won't be betting any considerable amounts, thanks to the low bets after suffering losses.

This strategy is also very flexible, and you may choose to increase your winnings as you like.


The Labouchere Strategy for Baccarat Games

The Labouchere Strategy for Baccarat Games explained

The Labouchere Strategy for Baccarat Games explained

The Labouchere winning strategy is a betting system popularly known by different names like the Split Martingale. It is a negative progression betting system. Compared to its counterparts, it's a bit more complicated but is also not very difficult, and you'll get the hang of it.

It's widely used in Baccarat games and is curated to help the players regain their losses, but gradually, not quickly. Like the other classic betting strategies, it can also be used on many other table games.

To use this system for your next Baccarat game, you will first fix yourself a payout target. Then, you'll split it into many smaller numbers. For Example, if you want to win 100, you'll divide it like this: 10-20-10-10-10-20-10-5-5. This will look like an array. Then you'll add the leftmost number and the rightmost number, and you will bet that amount. In this case, it would be 15.

If you land a win, you'll cross out the numbers from the row and continue to dig into the array. Again, you'll add the numbers on the ends, which now would be 25, and you'll bet that.

If you land another win proceed with the following numbers. If you lose, add the amount you bet to the right end of the sequence, which will increase the length of your betting array. Then, you'll continue betting as usual.

So, it means that if you land winnings, the array will get shorter, and if you suffer losses, its length will increase.

You would have won your goal amount by the time you finished the array. One demerit of this system is that if you fall into a long losing streak, you will have to place huge bets, so take care of that. Try to add some 0s in your first numbers to make it easier.


A Baccarat Bonus can Boost Your Strategy Winnings!

Nothing will help your gameplay and solidify it more than a substantial casino deposit. You should start your game with a decent starting balance. It will let you bet high amounts and work as a buffer zone for your bets in case things start going wrong. You will have to invest this balance at the beginning, but you can also make use of the help of a casino deposit bonus, which will let you land big-sized winnings without any risk.

If you manage to double your money on a Baccarat game several times in a row, you'll become an expert Baccarat player, and your winning potential will also increase. However, these deposit multipliers don't come without restrictions, and in Baccarat, too, there are some barriers like non-withdrawable balance. These are present even in the most popular and the most reputable casinos, so make sure you read the terms and conditions.

It would be very shocking to find that all the money you won isn't yours until you bet it another 50 times, at least! It was just an example, and there can be numerous other restrictions like this.

Here is a Baccarat bonus you should avoid:

Avoid this - Bonus:100, Min Wager: 60x, Min Deposit €20. Conversion limit: 500

Two points in the above-stated example make it so undesirable and unappealing. Firstly, the wagering requirements needed in the bonus are way too high. If you want to get the bonus worth 100, you'll have to bet at least 5,000 before you can withdraw it. Also, you can only withdraw 500 from what you win because of the conversion limit. These are the reasons why this bonus sucks.

On the other hand, here is a much better deposit, and it is something you should continue with:

Deposit Bonus: 100%, Wagering Requirement: 20x, Min Deposit: €20, No conversion limit.

It's usual for Baccarat players to get confused because the terms and conditions can be very complicated. To help you out, our team at has reviewed many online Baccarat games in detail, and you can read them to get the most unbiased information about them.

If you want to maximize your winnings from Baccarat winning strategies, always play on live baccarat tables, where your host is a real dealer.

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How to Win in Baccarat More Consistently

After reading this review, one thing that's clear is that creating a Baccarat betting strategy is not straightforward. To consider different factors like numbers, systems, and tables can be very confusing and overwhelming. It looks impossible for a simple system to exist. Although Phil Ivy created one, he was labeled a cheat and eventually paid for it.

Still, it's not like your betting strategy needs to be complicated to be effective. Just stick to the fundamentals and the basic rules, and you will be happy most of the time during your betting sessions. They don't guarantee success every time, but you'll surely avoid silly mistakes.

Have a systematic Baccarat plan and control your emotions

One thing which can ruin even the best Baccarat strategy is an uncontrolled wave of emotions. If you get carried away and forget the plan, then the chances of an eventual loss will be sure. The main reason behind it is the very nature of gambling. Many players gamble just for the rush and excitement of it, and once they find themselves on a wild winning spree, they can't control themselves.

So please, remember to shake it off and play your game with total focus. Excitement is essential, and you should have it, but not at the cost of your winning chances. 

We hope this article will help you get the most out of your Baccarat sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions about Baccarat Strategies

You should always follow a Baccarat strategy while gambling. There are many such systems, and they really boost your chances of winning. Here is a detailed FAQ section on them:

What is Baccarat? Arrow Arrow

Baccarat is a popular casino table game that has been entertaining people for several centuries.

How much can I win in a Baccarat game? Arrow Arrow

Every venue and casino have their own rules and regulations regarding this. Almost every casino has a wager limit that you can't cross.

What are the different bets available in Baccarat? Arrow Arrow

In Baccarat, you have 3 types of bets, the Player bet, the Banker bet, and the Tie bet. These bets denote different sides, and you have to choose a side you wish to back.

What is a Baccarat winning strategy? Arrow Arrow

Although Baccarat is a game of chances, there are some specific betting systems that you should follow to maximise your chances of winning. These are called Baccarat winning strategies. There are many of them, you can learn.

What are the popular Baccarat winning strategies? Arrow Arrow

The classic Baccarat systems are the Martingale strategy, the Paroli, and the Labouchere winning strategy.

Which is the best Baccarat winning strategy? Arrow Arrow

There is nothing like the best Baccarat winning strategy, each has its own merits and flaws, and you should try all of them to find out which suits you the best.

Which Bet is the best to bet on Baccarat? Arrow Arrow

After considering the statistics of the 3 different Baccarat bets, the Banker bet is the most rewarding of them all, thanks to the higher winning chances of 45.87% and the low House Edge of 1.06%. Although most casinos put a commission of around 5% of it, keep it in mind.

Will following a Baccarat strategy guarantee success? Arrow Arrow

The answer is no. Even though the betting strategies boost your winning probability, Baccarat is still a game of chances, and nothing can outweigh the effect of luck.

What other points should I keep in mind while following a Baccarat winning strategy? Arrow Arrow

If you are following a win formula or a Baccarat strategy, you are already on the right path. Baccarat strategy tips - The one thing you should remember is not to get affected by the thrill of the chase, don't let your emotions take over and control you.

Should I use the Baccarat bonus available at online casinos? Arrow Arrow

Many Baccarat bonuses are available, but not everyone is good for you. Some have complicated terms and conditions that kill the fun, so judge each one separately and choose the most advantageous one.