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Guns N' Roses Review

Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses is one of the most legendary rock bands that have formed to date. NetEnt has a commendable history of making the most unique slots, and they have gracefully continued their trend by making a slot that is themed on Guns N' Roses; you still can't believe it, can you? Please read below, where we will give you our detailed opinion on the slot machine.

Release: 22.01.2016
Max Win: X1250

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 25 July 2023 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

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Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy









Ways to Win



Rare Customizable Soundtrack

Insane amount of Bonus Features

Feels like attending a concert

Very High RTP

Nostalgic experience for die-hard fans


Non-fans might not like this slot very much

No Progressive Jackpot

Facts About The Slot

Provider NetEnt


RTP% 96.98

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.10

Maximum bet 200.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Rock Music

Game Features

Expanding Wild with re-spin Bonus wheel Random Wilds BonusGame: Pick Objects RTP range Bonus Game Multiplier FreeSpins

Landing three Bonus Symbols on the reels of Guns N

Landing three Bonus Symbols on the reels of Guns N' Roses

Intro to Guns N' Roses

No introduction is needed for the world's greatest rock band of all time; Guns N' Roses was not just a rock band; it was a sensation, a whole culture in itself, and this slot with the same title is another part of that culture. 

Guns N' Roses is a mind-blowing slot by NetEnt; this slot has a unique vibe and taste because of its cool rock-based theme. As soon as you open this slot, you will feel like you have entered a rock concert.
Songs are playing in the background, the reels are painted black, which looks like a stage, and there is the classic signature logo of the legendary band on the background of the reels.

You must have heard about and would have played movie-themed slots, but this is something totally different; this takes the theme game of the slots to the next league.

The level of detailing and dedication to the rock band is just unbelievable in this slot. Even the minutest of the details are designed to perfection. For example, the Bonus Round spin in the slot is designed to look like a record player. Along with being a great modern video slot, Guns N' Roses is also a tribute to the greatest Rock band ever made.

The Guns N' Roses slot was released in early 2018, and it was topping the charts within days; the slot boasted immersive graphics paired with alluring soundtracks inspired by the legendary band itself. In addition, the slot is filled with Special Features and Bonuses, which won't let your excitement levels fall. 

Read the complete review of Guns N' Roses and learn more about this super slot.

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Landing various winning combos in Guns N' Roses


Graphics and Theme

The main attractions of Guns N' Roses are its visual elements. The slot sets a captivating mood as soon as you launch it; when you launch the slot, it welcomes you with a fantastic intro video, which is way more detailed and entertaining than other slots offer.

This intro video consists of their most popular clips from different concerts and public appearances, with their hits playing in the background. If you want, you can skip this video; you will then see the slot itself. The slot's main game screen is a view of a huge concert.

Maybe, you wanted to attend a rock concert and couldn’t get the chance. So this slot offers you the chance to not only attend a rock concert but also pick the song you want to enjoy first.

The background of the slot is a massive stadium filled with exciting rock fans, floodlights are visible on both sides of the reels, and the background of the reels is pitch black which makes them look like a stage with the legendary Guns N' Roses logo in the background. The graphics are undoubtedly the best attractions of this slot and the most detailed as well. 

The symbols in Guns N' Roses are also all theme-based, like the remaining titles by NetEnt; there are some picture symbols and some card symbols in the slot. The card-based symbols are the low-paying symbols in the slot, and they are designed in the classic Guns N' Roses inspired theme. The picture symbols are the portraits of the band members of Guns N' Roses along. The remaining symbols are the special symbols in the game used to trigger bonus rounds; these include the Wilds, the Scatters, and the Bonus symbols

There is no need to mention that the soundtrack of Guns N' Roses is one of a kind; the soundtrack of the slot mainly consists of different hits by the band. A rare soundtrack customisation menu is available in Guns N' Roses; you can use it to personalise the slot's soundtrack according to your preference.

There is a button in the bottom left corner of the game screen, when you press it you get a list of different super-hit songs by Guns N' Roses, here you will get lots of options to choose from, either you can select your favourite song, and set it on repeat to play it in a loop. Or you can choose to play a specific song right now, and the remaining will play in order. It is like creating a playlist; how cool is that. 

The developers expertly curate the selection of songs available in the slot at NetEnt; the songs available in the slot are; Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o' Mine, Paradise City, November Rain, and Chinese Democracy. By default, Welcome to the Jungle will play in the starting; you can change that anytime. 

The level of detailing in Guns N' Roses is just insane; the slot will provide you with an incredible, rocking gambling experience.

Different Card-Based symbols in Guns N

Different Card-Based symbols in Guns N' Roses


How To Play - Guns N' Roses Slot Machine

The best thing about NetEnt's slots is that they are straightforward to play; there are no unnecessary complications to bore you. You basically need to do just two things, first, set the bet, and second, spin the reels on that bet. 

Setting The Bet

The bet amount in Guns N' Roses depends upon the Bet Level, and the Coin Value, the controls for both of them are on the control panel below the slot's reels. The Bet Level decides the number of coins you will bet in the slot; it can be changed by clicking the + and - buttons on the left side of the spin button; there are ten different betting levels. On the other hand, the coin level determines the money value stored in those coins; the coin value can be changed by the toggle on the right of the spin button, below the 4th reel, the coin value can be set between 0.01 and 1.00. 

Max Bet Button

There is a Max Bet button on the immediate right of the spin button; when you press this button, the Bet Level and the Coin Value increase to their top values, and the maximum bet level is selected in the slot. This option might come in handy when you are playing with a huge budget, but it is not recommended to have a rather limited budget. 

Carefully select the Bet in the slot; try to select an amount that gives you at least 50 spins based on your budget; this will help you achieve the slot's returns.

Slot's Structure

Guns N' Roses has five reels, three rows, and 20 different paylines. These paylines in the slot are by default active, and you don't need to activate them each time before spinning manually. However, you can choose which paylines you want to deactivate; this will save you some money as you will be paying for fewer paylines, but be careful, as you are also decreasing your chances of getting payouts. 

How To Win

Like other slot games, you need to land a minimum of three similar symbols to get a payout in Guns N' Roses. You can land these similar symbols on any of the activated paylines in the slot. If you get 4 or 5 symbol combos, you will get higher payouts as they are very rare combos. The Symbols also determine the combo's payout; high-paying combos will pay higher payouts when landed in winning combos. 

Auto Play 

There is an auto spin feature in the slot, which you can automatically spin the reels for a fixed number of spins. This can save your time and will make the slot more fun to bet on. The option is available on the immediate left of the spin button. 

Landing the most sought after Super Mega Win in Guns N

Landing the most sought after Super Mega Win in Guns N' Roses


Special Features and Bonuses

Guns N' Roses is filled with excitement thanks to its numerous Special Features. The slot is filled with amazing bonuses like Expanding Wilds, Legend Spin Feature, the Solo Multiplier and the Appetite for Destruction wild feature. The Appetite for Destruction wild is the signature Bonus Feature of Guns N' Roses, which is apparent from its name. Along with these bonuses, you can also grab Free Spins in this slot.

As there are so many different Bonuses and Features in the slot, you will get a very electric and engaging gambling experience on this slot. As you play, you will see that something extra is always happening in this slot. As a result, this game feels like a full-fledged adventure game rather than an online slot.

The Signature "Appetite for Destruction" Bonus Feature

This is the best Special Feature in Guns N' Roses; when it triggers, a cross-shaped wild symbol will cover the reels on the slot. The cross in this feature is the signature cross of the Guns N' Roses Rock Band. You can either get a full cross or an incomplete/partial cross. This is a random bonus and can activate anytime in the game. 

Solo Multiplier

Solo Multiplier is yet another unique bonus in Guns N' Roses; when it is activated, it will give you a direct cash payout. The multiplier in the bonus will range randomly between 4x to 10x. This bonus will be triggered when you land three or more matching symbols on the slot's reels. 

Wild Symbols

The legendary logo of Guns N' Roses is the Wild symbol in the slot, the symbol can appear on any of the five reels of the slot, but when the appetite for Destruction feature is activated, you cant land it on the 3rd reel. The Wild symbol will act as a substitute for all the regular payout giving symbols in the slot. When you land it on a reel, it will become an expanding wild and cover the whole reel to increase your chances of landing winning combos. 

Legend Spins

Legend Spins is also a random feature in Guns N' Roses; you will receive three Re-Spins when you trigger this feature. The free Re-Spins will come with special Stacked Wilds; you will get one or two stacked wilds in this feature. The stacked wild will move between the reels; in the first spin, it will appear in the middle reel, then it will appear on the first and the last reel. Finally, in the final Free Spin, it will appear on the remaining second and fourth reels. This is a gratifying bonus of Guns N' Roses, and you will land some excellent payouts during this. 

Multi-Award Bonus Wheel

This is a very dynamic feature in Guns N' Roses; it is triggered during the base game. You must get the bonus scatter symbols in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel to trigger it. This bonus has three different rewards, and you will get one randomly; the three bonuses are Encore free spins,, Coin Wins, and the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game. When this feature is triggered, you will be taken to a different game screen with a large Record Player; in that record player, these bonuses will be mentioned in random spaces, the record will start playing when you hit the spin button, and then when you stop it, you will get the reward that comes under the pin of the record player. 

Encore Free Spins

Like the Multi-Award Bonus Wheel, the Encore Free Spins is also triggered when you land bonus symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels. This bonus will give you 10 Free Spins, which will have stacked wilds. During your bonus round, the stacks will appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel during the 10 Free Spins. You can also win additional Free Spins during this round.

Coin Wins

This is a random bonus feature that will give you direct cash payouts based on your bets, which is quite apparent from the name. The payouts will range anywhere between 200 and 600 coins; it might not sound fascinating but is a good boost in the slot. 

Crowd Pleaser Bonus Game

The Crowd Pleaser bonus is a Unique Feature of Guns N' Roses, this is a level-based bonus, and there are three different levels. You have to advance through these levels to increase your Jackpot; to clear a level, you would have to collect a certain amount of point.

You can collect the points by picking different items in the bonus; some items will be displayed in front of you, these items will contain points, and some will also have extra picks. You will have limited picks, so you need to be lucky to get high pointed objects. For example, you will clear the first level if you collect 600 points, then to clear the second level, you would need 3000 points.

To clear the final level, you will require 8000 points, here it will get a little tricky, but if you win, an insane reward will be waiting for you. 

Legend Spins bonus in Guns N

Legend Spins bonus in Guns N' Roses


The RTP and Volatility of Guns N' Roses

Return To Player Percentage

Guns N' Roses is a very generous slot when it comes to the slot's Return To player Percentage; the RTP of the slot is 97.10%, which means that if you play the slot with 100 coins, you will most likely get around 97.10 coins back after the game.

An RTP of 97.10% is excellent as the average RTP which similar slots provide is around 96%, so it's a whole percentage higher than the average. Of course, the RTP in slots is never a guarantee of the returns, it is just the average amount of returns that a player receives, and your luck will decide how much you will get. 


The volatility of Guns N' Roses has been rated Medium by NetEnt; slots with medium volatility provide constant wins to the players, which makes the slot engaging and exciting. Medium Volatility slots are usually preferred by most of the players as they are neither too explosive nor too dull; it makes them the perfect, balanced slots.

Even after being a Medium volatility slot, the slot allows the Jackpot of 1,125x, which is quite generous.

The unique Crowd Pleaser Bonus Game in Guns N

The unique Crowd Pleaser Bonus Game in Guns N' Roses


Top Jackpot

The highest win you can hit in Guns N' Roses is worth 1,125x your bet, which means that if you are playing with just a tiny bet of €10, you can win an impressive payout of €11250. Unfortunately, there is no jackpot in the slot, but some pretty good bonuses will give you generous prizes. For Example, the Solo Win bonus in the slot will directly give you direct cash outputs up to worth 10x.

If you play the slot with the highest bet possible, it will give you a fantastic reward worth €150,000, which is just unbelievable. This is a very generous payout multiplier for a medium variance slot. 

The signature "Appetite for Destruction" Bonus Feature in Guns N

The signature "Appetite for Destruction" Bonus Feature in Guns N' Roses


Cross-Device Support of Guns N' Roses

The developers at NetEnt have taken care that you should never miss the fun of playing Guns N' Roses, regardless of where you are. Guns N' Roses is fully optimised to run on different devices like mobiles, tablets, and computers. When you play the mobile version of the slot, you will see that the graphics and animations are as crisp and smooth as they are in the computer version of the slot, thanks to the expert optimisation by NetEnt. 

Hitting a multiplier win in Guns N

Hitting a multiplier win in Guns N' Roses


The Overall Verdict of Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses is one of the best online slots available on the best internet casinos; NetEnt proudly presents it as one of their masterpieces. Guns N' Roses is trendy because of its immersive graphics and visuals, enticing soundtrack, exciting features and assuring stats. Although the slot's theme is undoubtedly its main attraction, the slot is rock-themes, based on the legendary rock band by the same title.

Band-themed slots are the rarest of all; a reason is that it becomes challenging to design and develop the elements according to the band's theme, but thanks to the huge popularity of Guns N' Roses, this slot is a huge success.

The soundtrack of the slot is one of its kind, it includes different hits by the band, and you can customise the slot's music by changing the songs according to your choice. The graphics are awe-inspiring, and they are designed to give you a rock concert's vibe.

Along with being a candy to the eye, Guns N' Roses excels in the gameplay as well; the slot is literally filled with Special Features like Wilds, Crowd Pleaser, Appetite for destruction and much more. The bonuses will trigger quite frequently, so you are going to enjoy this concert for a really long time.

It isn't possible to define this slot in words, play the slot right now, and get a genuinely rocking gambling experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions - Guns N' Roses

What is the Return To Player Percentage (RTP) of Guns N' Roses?

The Return To Player Percentage of Guns N' Roses is 97.10%; it is a great return percentage considering the average of the similar slots. Note that the ONline Casinos can change the RTP in this slot as per their choice; the notification regarding this might not be given to the players, so please check the details of the slot before placing your bets.

What is the volatility of Guns N' Roses?

The Volatility rating of Guns N' Roses is rated Low to Medium, which means that there will be constant wins in the slot, but their wins might not be very high due to their constant occurrence. Even after being a Low to Medium volatility slot, the top jackpot in the slot is worth 1,125x, which is just fantastic.

Are there Free Spins in Guns N' Roses?

Yes, there is a Free Spin feature in Guns N' Roses, you can get 10 Free Spins, and the Free Spins will come with Stacked Multiplier Symbols to increase your payouts.

What is the highest jackpot you can win on Guns N' Roses?

The top Jackpot in the game is worth 1,125x your wager, it is a very high Jackpot keeping in mind the Low to Medium volatility rating of the slot.

How many bonus features does Guns N' Roses have?

The total Special Features in the slot are divide between Base game features and Bonus Wheel Features There are 3 Base game features, and 3 Bonus Wheel of Fortune features, which amounts to a total of 6 Special Features.

Can I play Guns N’ Roses for free?

Yes, of course, the Free Mode of Guns N' Roses is available on BETO. You can play it to understand the different features of the slot without actually betting money. Guns N' Roses has a lot of Special Features, and it makes it a bit tricky for new players, that's why if you are playing this slot for the first time, you are advised that you first play the Demo version of the slot before gambling your actual money.