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Brace yourselves, megaways slot fans! A new and electrifying online slot game is in town. Powered by ReelPlay, the Hypernova Megaways is the latest and electrifying slot game that’ll excite your thirst for online casino games. At an astounding payline of 117,649, this slot is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and your luck to emerge victorious in a field of moderate to high volatility.

You might be familiar with cascading reels that are a routine in megaways slot, but this time around, a significant plot twist awaits you. If you played your cards right, you are potentially well on track to win one of the four fixed jackpots as one of the winning prizes. To achieve this feat, scavenging six supernova scatters is the sole requirement. Once you do get a hold of these wilds, you may as well be one step closer to clinching a jackpot prize worth 2000x the stakes.

Release: 16.08.2019
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF
Max Win: X8641

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 14 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenModern graphics and original storyline

OpenCascading reels of megaways slots

Open4 fixed Jackpot prizes

OpenRobust scatter symbols

OpenAstonishing respins and a gorgeous RTP rate

Cons Cons


Close No bonus game content

Close No free spins feature

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Reel Play

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF

Slots RTP% 96.10

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot Yes

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.40

Slots Maximum bet 25.00

Slots Reels 6

Slots Rows 7

Slots Paylines 117649

Game Themes

Crystals Space

Game Features

Megaways Hold and Spin Cascading/Avalanche wins Respins Progressive Jackpot Scatter symbols Wild

A Sydney-based Studio that offers tremendous amount of wins

A Sydney-based Studio that offers tremendous amount of wins

Introduction of Hypernova Megaways - Ricochet across your dreams!

Founded as Chance Interactive in 2014, ReelPlay is a Sydney-based studio, and back in Australia, they’re stepping up their game. While their collection of products was initially quite limited, two of their very popular casino games: Hammer and Buster Hammer Carnival, changed things dramatically for them. Kudos to their aggregator studio, Relax Gaming, for acquiring the rights to Megaways game engine in 2018. ReelPlay is committed to capitalizing on this golden opportunity.

Previous trends indicate that this particular game engine is a pure hype machine in terms of fascinating casino games for pretty much every studio in the market regardless of their scale of operations.

ReelPlay’s debut entry into this arena of Megaways equipped video slots is titled Hypernova Megaways. While it may resemble Bonanza, the actual differences are pretty stark. Assuming that all new players are aware of the basics of this new genre of slot games, it all begins with a standard setup of 6 cascading reels and up to a mind-blowing 117,649 pathways to victory. Hats off to the creative prodigies behind this thrilling masterpiece. You can play the game on multiple platforms, and each spin costs €0.40 to €60.


Hypernova Megaways Slot - Graphics & Sound

The Hypernova Megaways slot utilizes a similar theme as that of NetEnt’s hit slot, Starburst. This time around, though, you’ll set out with 117,649 more techniques to secure wins.

This slot is illuminated with a background of a view past the starry night sky, glistening gems flying across the vast outer space. The reels have been designed to fit in a neon-lit scene that projects a misty view of a bright star, more accurately, a supernova.

In terms of visuals, prepare to embark on an adventure far beyond the realms of Earth with Hypernova Megaways, we can recommend trying the Megaways demo here at BETO. ReelPlay nailed the sounds and music with this game. The feels train hits so hard with the game’s soundtrack playing in, you may as well be listening to the great composer Hans Zimmer in the flesh.

The chances to stand victorious are very high as there are 117,649 different   ways to win

The chances to stand victorious are very high as there are 117,649 different ways to win


Hypernova Megaways Slot - The Basics

With up to 117,649 different ways to win, your best chances lie with the number of symbols appearing on the reels in Hypernova Megaways. Each reel can display 2 to 7 symbols, and more symbols equate to more shots at the big prize. Players can also autoplay for up to 100 spins, with each spin wagered between 0.40 to 60 coins.

Winning strategies

Hypernova Megaways has quite the treasure chest of rewards, waiting for you to cash in on. The base game can give out 100x the stakes worth of payout to you, for which you require a diamond symbol to pop up in a 6-of-a-kind victory combo.

Another day, another JACKPOT!

Another day, another JACKPOT!


Hypernova Megaway Slot - Bonus Features

Space-themed Megaway slots are not a usual sight in the casino game market. Nevertheless, ReelPlay has made the statement that this domain belongs to them. Traditional Megaways game board setup consists of 6 vertical reels and a horizontal reel stationed between 2-5. For every spin, 2-7 symbols appear on the reel and set up the foundation of the highest feat of 117,649 shots at victory or, more accurately, 7×7×7×7×7×7 combos.

The Hypernova Megaways slot game symbols consist of low and high payout symbols, scatter symbols, and wild symbols. The wilds are an exclusive feature of the base game in this game and show up across the horizontal reel on the top row.

Once in position, the wild symbols replace all standard symbols excluding the exploding star, the moniker for the scatter symbol. You’ll need to get 6 of these special symbols for the Jackpot Respins feature to turn on.

But, that’s not all. Players can utilize other exciting features in the long run for a big win.

Cascading Reels

ReelPlay did not miss out on the opportunity to include a fan-favourite feature in their latest slot, the cascading win. When activated, this feature removes symbols from the reels and replaces them with symbols from those above during a win. This enables players to create more winning combinations. And the best part. The cascading wins won’t stop until you stop winning. There is practically no limit to this feature.

Money scatters 

This is another exciting feature added to the Hypernova Megaways slot. And this feature works in quite an interesting fashion. It activates when players manage to obtain one or more supernova scatter symbols on the reels. This sets a price for the two scatter symbols. And if a player can manage to get a scatter symbol to be a part of a winning combo, the price mentioned above will be added to the payout.

With these respins in your hand, victory is inevitable

With these respins in your hand, victory is inevitable


Hypernova Megaway Slot - Jackpot Respins feature

A new and highly acclaimed feature is being added to Megaways slots. Players may be saddened by the exclusion of the free spin promo feature, but the jackpot respins are where the real potential lies to guide them straight to the top.

The jackpot respins feature requires you to catch six or more money scatter symbols across the reels for activation. When you land them, you are rewarded with 3 jackpot respins, a straight shot at one of the fixed pots.

And there’s more. Even if you missed the jackpot prize, your first win is guaranteed. Payout equals the value of cash scatter symbols you got. These symbols can reward you anywhere between 1x to 100x the stakes. Afterwards, you get 3 respins with your scatters locked in place. If your luck is joining in for the long haul, landing more scatters gets you 3 more respins. This bonus round won’t end until all the reel positions are filled with symbols, or you run out of respins to use.

Bonus round grants you the opportunity to aim for one of the four Trophy Jackpots. These include:

  • Bronze Jackpot wins you 10 times your stake.
  • Silver Jackpot wins you 50 times your stake.
  • Gold Jackpot wins you 250 times your stake.
  • Platinum Jackpot wins you 2,000 times your stake.

You should note that while Bronze and Silver Trophy Jackpots can be won repeatedly, players can only win the Gold and Platinum Trophy Jackpots once every feature.

Aim for Platinum Jackpot it can win you 2,000 times your initial stake

Aim for Platinum Jackpot it can win you 2,000 times your initial stake


Hypernova Megaways Slot - RTP & Variance

The RTP for Hypernova Megaways is set within the average range of 96.09%. Moderate to high Moderate to high volatility rates means that players get to hope for better payouts, albeit infrequently. These specifications are ideally suited for most types of players and their game budgets.

The game has an RTP of 96.09%, which is considered to be above average

The game has an RTP of 96.09%, which is considered to be above average


Hypernova Megaways - Conclusion

This slot makes use of quite the daring recipe. If Jackpot Respins are a fair exchange for the free spins feature for you, then you have just stumbled upon the best Megaways slot for a fun and unforgettable experience.

The Hypernova Megaways slot is a well-designed casino game that features exciting tricks that many players will instantly love. While our experts shared that a smaller minimum bet would have sufficed better, we still believe that this slot is the best way to introduce players to megaways slots, at least in the market right now.

Hypernova may have many competitors in the megaways slots market, but it certainly does well to hold its ground. Not only is it one of a kind space-themed slot powered by this game engine, but its jackpot respin feature is also the upper edge it holds against its opponents. We are yet to see any other megaways slot equally generous in their rewards, so you should stop by for at least a spin. From there onwards, the crafty gameplay mechanics will lead the way towards an entertaining and rewarding journey.

If you’re thinking about jumping in on the fun, feel free to check out the Hypernova Megaways slot demo over here or go all out right now and play with real currency at any of our top-rated casinos over the internet.


Frequently asked questions

How big is the winning ratio in the Hypernova Megaways slot? Arrow Arrow

This slot machine's highest possible win is up to 10,000x the stakes, plus a bonus. In the main game itself, players can win rewards up to 8,641x the stakes.

What is the RTP of Hypernova Megaways slot? Arrow Arrow

The RTP for this slot stands at 96.09%.

How volatile is the Hypernova Megaways slot? Arrow Arrow

The volatility of this slot ranges from moderate to high.

Can I play the Hypernova Megaways slot for free? Arrow Arrow

The Hypernova Megaways slot has a free demo version of the slot game at No deposits are required.