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Mercy of the Gods is a cool video slot by NetEnt, the game has a mysterious Ancient Egypt theme, which is packed with lots of bonus features. The slot was launched in July 2019, hence it boasts all the modern slot bonuses. There are 20 paylines in Mercy of the Gods, along with three jackpots, and one of them is a progressive jackpot. 

Release: 16.05.2019
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X1600

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 17 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenHigh Quality graphics by NetEnt

OpenFree Spins available in the slot

OpenProgressive Jackpot Special Feature

OpenSpecial Re-Spin feature with nudging wilds

Cons Cons


Close Slightly similar to Divine Fortune Slot

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider NetEnt

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 96.64

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 5

Slots Rows 3

Slots Paylines 20

Game Themes

Ancient civilizations

Game Features

Respin Wild Collect Energy Sticky Wilds Respins Expanding Symbols Bonus Game Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

Different Symbols in Mercy of the Gods

Different Symbols in Mercy of the Gods

Intro to Mercy of the Gods

Mercy of the Gods is a slot that features a progressive jackpot; this title by Mercy of the Gods is similar to its previous online slot called Divine Fortune. There are several similarities between the two games, but there are some big changes and upgrades in Mercy of the Gods. The game's theme has changed from ancient Greece to ancient Egypt, Egyptian history is way more mysterious and intriguing than greek history, and that game takes advantage of that. There are also many changes in the stats. Mercy of the Gods is a great slot based on its mathematical facts. In terms of bonuses and features, there are many similarities between the two slots, the special features, the bonuses, and the ways to trigger them are very similar in the two titles by NetEnt.

The maximum jackpot you can win in Mercy of the Gods is worth 1600x your stake, which is tremendously high compared to the max jackpot of Divine Fortune, which is just 600x. The volatility is also different in the two games. Mercy of the Gods is a bit more volatile than Divine Fortune, the hit rate of Mercy of the Gods is 17.64%, and the hit rate of Divine Fortune is 20.33%. As a result, the chances of hitting the top jackpot in Mercy of the Gods is a bit less than the jackpot hit chances in Divine Fortune, but the jackpot is also worth more than double in Mercy of the Gods, so it compensates for that.

The slot structure is beautiful; this game is based on a five-reel, three-row, and 20 payline format. The special features in the slot include re-spins, nudging wilds, and free spins. In free spins, there is an expanding wilds feature, which further enhances your fun. Your main goal in the game would be to hit the progressive jackpot, but you can get some generous rewards in the way while doing it.


Theme & Graphics

Mercy of the Gods is based on the intriguing Ancient Egypt theme; the theme is very adventurous and will keep your excitement high.

The developers perfectly created all the slot elements at NetEnt studios; the graphics of the game are very well detailed and theme-based. The background of this slot is an ancient Egyptian temple with ancient mummy cats and mystic scriptures. The game elements like reels, borders, and option buttons are designed to appear to be made up of sandstone. You get a 3D experience while gambling in this slot. Mercy of the Gods will not disappoint you in any visual terms.

The slot has its own vibe. The graphics and the sound effects go perfectly with the theme and create an immersive atmosphere for you. Once you start playing this slot, there is no turning back; the cool animations, the astonishing sound effects of special features, and the theme-based symbols are something you can't forget easily. 


What is the RTP of Mercy of the Gods?

The Return To Player Percentage of Mercy of the Gods is 96.65%, which is a great addition to the other qualities of the slot. The industry standard for similar online videoslots is around 96.00% to 96.50%, so this is a major increase in terms of average returns.

The volatility of Mercy of the Gods has been rated Medium to High by NetEnt. This is because these slots have regular wins; on average, you can strike a win every 5th or 6th spin, which is awesome because it will keep you excited while gambling on this slot. But with these increased chances of wins, the size of the wins decreases, but in the case of Mercy of the Gods, you can get a gigantic jackpot worth 1600x your bet, which is just unbelievable.

Keeping in mind the hit rate of this slot, which is 17.64%, you will most likely hit a winning combination every 6th spin, which is best in class.

Playing Mercy of the Gods

Playing Mercy of the Gods


Different Symbols in Mercy of the Gods

All the symbols in Mercy of the Gods are inspired by the game's theme, which is based in ancient Egypt. There are several symbols in the game, and they have different values. The most lucrative symbol in the slot is the Female Explorer; if you combine this, you will win a hefty payout. A minimum of 3 matching symbols is required to hit a win.

There are 12 different symbols in Mercy of the Gods, and all of them have an ancient twist visible in them.

First, there are four basic symbols, which are low-paying but are very common. Hence, these low-value symbols will give you constant wins. Then there are four basic symbols; these are more valuable than the standard symbols and provide a higher payout in the combinations. Finally, the most valuable symbols in the slot are the special symbols., these symbols give you the highest payouts when you land them on the reels. 

The Common Symbols 

These are the alphabetical symbols based on the card alphabets. The letters J, K, K, and A are the common symbols in the game. The letter J is a glistening royal blue, and the letter Q has a shiny light purple shade, the letter K with a turquoise fill, and the most valuable in the lot is the letter A, it has a small crown figure on its top, and is a scarlet-colored symbol. These symbols are super common and will consist mainly of the winning combinations, but their value is not very high in their payout.

The Basic Symbols

The slot's basic symbols are the sarcophagus (light green in color), luminescent pink scarab (on a golden background), a  turquoise-green Horus bird with its wings spread, and a blonde youthful female explorer with bright blue eyes having a cute ponytail. These are better paying in combinations than the common symbols. But there are rarer than the common symbols and will not appear on the slot very frequently. These give the highest payouts in the regular symbols. The female explorer is the most valuable symbol in the game; you wish to get her in the spins.

The Special Symbols

These are the symbols that do not give regular payouts to the player but are used in triggering the unique features and bonuses in the game. For example, the Wild symbol looks like a gold emblem with a mix of white, green, and red colors; it also has WILD written. The wild symbols help make combos as they can be substituted for any of the remaining symbols in the slot, except for special symbols.

The Gift of Life Re-Spin symbols look like the wild symbol, but it has a green, electric-style border. 

The free spins symbol triggers the Free Spin bonuses in the game; these symbols look like the eye of the Horus but with a golden background.

The best symbol in the game is the Gift of Walth Jackpot symbol; this is also the best-looking symbol in the game; it looks like a heart made of gold, with Egyptian scriptures written on its background. 

Getting a Three-Of-A-kind combination in Mercy of the Gods

Getting a Three-Of-A-kind combination in Mercy of the Gods


Bonus Features

Mercy of the Gods' Signature Bonus Round

The slot has a special bonus round; when this round triggers, all the bonus symbols on the spins that activate the bonus round are placed randomly on the reels. These symbols will stay on the reels until the Gift of Wealth Jackpot round. 

This unique round is not very easy to trigger; you need to land three or more Gift of Wealth Jackpot symbols on the spins to activate the unique game. 

All the symbols get a coin value; this can be anywhere between 10 and 200. After playing the round, after the game ends, you will get a grand jackpot; your jackpot will be the amount of the total coin values multiplied by your bet. 

There are different ways to trigger the three jackpots in the bonus round. First, if you get a perfect match in a row of the bonus symbols, you will get a minor jackpot. Then, you will get the big major jackpot when you match those rows in the bonus round. Finally, if you are super lucky and manage to get three matching rows of bonus symbols, you will win the Mega grand jackpot.

Wilds in Mercy of the Gods

Wilds are a very cool feature in the slot games; in Mercy of the Gods, the wilds symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. The wild symbol appears both in the main rounds and the Bonus Free Spin rounds. The wilds symbols are unique because they substitute all the other regular symbols in the slot when making a winning combination. 

Along with substituting the normal symbols, wild symbols can also trigger the Gift of Life Re-spin round. When you land the wild symbol in the game, the special round will be activated; the higher the number of wild symbols, the better the rewards. In this special round, the wild symbols move up or down the reels until they disappear out of the game screen. If there are more than one wilds, all do the same thing. If, during this round, another wild symbol lands on the reels, this round is re-activated.

Gift of Double Wilds

When a wild symbol lands behind another wild symbol, the whole reel expands and becomes a giant wild symbol. It is the best wild symbol feature you can trigger; after calculating the win for the current spin, the Gift of Life Re-spin feature activates again.

Getting two Special symbols in Mercy of the Gods

Getting two Special symbols in Mercy of the Gods


How to Play - Mercy of the Gods

Playing Mercy of the Gods is very straightforward. First, you need to set the bet; there is a wide betting range, the minimum bet on Mercy of the Gods is 0.2 coins per spin, and the maximum bet is 100 coins. After setting the bet, you will start playing the slot; you can either manually play each spin by clicking the spin button or using the autoplay button. The autoplay button will save your time by automatically spinning the reels; you can set the number of spins you want to automate. The maximum number of autoplay spins is 1000 spins, but it is advised that you do not go over 100. 

To win in the game, you need to land on the pre-set paylines of the slot. For example, there are 20 paylines in Mercy of the Gods. In these paylines, you need a minimum of 3 matching symbols, and you get a win. The best symbol in the slot is the female explorer, making an 80x payout on your wager.

Getting a Mega Win in Mercy of the Gods

Getting a Mega Win in Mercy of the Gods


Free Spins

Mercy of the Gods features the Free Spin bonus round; it is triggered when you land a minimum of 3 Eye of Horus special symbol, the reels. Getting more special symbols on the reels will give you more free spins. For example, when you land three scatters, you get five Free Spins; when you get four scatters, you will get eight free spins; and when you get all the five scatter symbols, you get a total of 12 Free Spins. When you get a wild symbol on the reels in the Free Spin rounds, it gets expanded to the whole reel. It can also activate the Gift of Life Re-Spins feature.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol has many special features in Mercy of the Gods; when it appears on the reels, the Gift of Life Re-Spin will be triggered, where the wild symbol will move up or down, and the rest of the reel will spin. And if you get lucky, a wild symbol will land on top of another; when this happens, the whole reel will be converted into an expanded would sign. The wild will also substitute the other symbols to form a winning combination; it will help win big payouts.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols trigger several special features in Mercy of the Gods.

When you land three scatters on the reels, you will trigger the free spin bonus round; the higher the number of scatter symbols (three, four, and five), the higher the number of free spins you get. During the Free Spin round, any wild which appears on the spins will become an expanding symbol.

Gift of Wealth bonus

The Gift of Wealth Special Bonus is triggered when you collect three or more bonus symbols in the base game (without any special activated feature). These symbols will then be scattered in random positions, and you will get three re-spins with the symbols stuck to their places. For example, you would aim to line up five bonus symbols in a row; if you successfully fill a single row, you will get the 20x jackpot. When you fill two rows with the bonus symbols, you will get the better jackpot worth 100x reward. And if you fill the entire three rows with the bonus symbols, you will get the Mega Jackpot which offers the progressive jackpot.

This is the magic of the Gift of Wealth bonus; it will truly give you a gift of wealth.

Gift of Wealth Special Bonus in Mercy of the Gods

Gift of Wealth Special Bonus in Mercy of the Gods


Three Jackpots in Mercy of the Gods

There are three different jackpots in Mercy of the Gods: the Minor Jackpot, the Major Jackpot, and the Mega Jackpot.

The Minor and the Mega Jackpot will give you a gigantic direct cash multiplier, but the Mega jackpot will do something even better; it will trigger the progressive jackpot.

The Minor Jackpot will give you a direct payout of 20x on your base wager. Triggering the Major Jackpot will provide you with a cash multiplier of 100x, which is super rewarding. When you get the Mega Jackpot, you will trigger the progressive Jackpot, a localized jackpot. The benefit of a localized jackpot is that you will increase your Jackpot payout while considering the number of online players who are gambling at a particular casino. It means that if there is a vast number of people gambling at the virtual casino you are using, you will get an unbelievable amount of output on the wager. This is the best jackpot you can hope for. Due to this unique localized feature, many players prefer Mercy of the Gods over other slots.

Max Win in Mercy of the Gods

When you successfully collect 3 Bonus Symbols in the base game or the special Re-Spin rounds, you will trigger the Special Feature Gift of Wealth Jackpot. The collected bonuses will be placed on random positions on t.  reels, and you will be awarded three Spins; in these three bonus spins, you will have to land a bonus symbol on the reels, then the number of spins will be reset back to three.

The main aim is to fill the reels with bonus symbols. When you load a reel with bonus symbols, you will hit the jackpot. The higher the number of reels, the bigger the jackpot prize. Along with this, you will get additional rewards for the bonus symbols collected. 

Aside from the jackpot, you can get a maximum multiplier of 1600x on your wager. It means that you can win €160,000 when you play with the highest possible stake. 

Winning a generous payout in Mercy of the Gods

Winning a generous payout in Mercy of the Gods


Cross Device Support

Just like most of the slots by NetEnt, Mercy of the Gods also has great cross-device support; you can play the slot on your computer, tablets, and smartphones. This game will please you on almost all the screens you can see. You can play the game directly on the browser without the need to download any extra software. Mercy of the Gods is supported on both windows/mac. And the mobile support is also available for android/iOS.

Getting a big payout in Mercy of the Gods

Getting a big payout in Mercy of the Gods


The Overall Verdict of Mercy of the Gods

Mercy of the Gods is an excellent slot in every sense. The slot graphics are striking, color-rich, and enticing. In addition, the slot has very detailed and perfectly developed elements. Along with great graphics, the sound features of Mercy of the Gods are also very immersive. The graphics and visuals sync perfectly with each other and will provide you an immersive gambling experience.

The stats of Mercy of the Gods are beautiful; the good RTP will assure you your money's safety, while the volatility stats will grant generous jackpots. The hit rate of Mercy of the Gods is also pretty impressive and will give you a win almost on every 7th or 8th spin.

The thing which you will straight away notice in the game is the beautiful theme or the slot; the elements are so well crafted that you will take your time and embrace the beauty of the slot, even the symbols of the slot are designed according to the game's ancient Egyptian theme

The slot is loaded with many unique features, and you will experience something new and exciting every few spins. So play this slot right now, and make big money. Happy gambling!


Frequently Asked Questions - Mercy of the Gods

Can I play Mercy of the Gods for free? Arrow Arrow

The demo version of the slot is available on BETO. New players are advised to play the free demo version first, this will help them in understanding the slot's features and bonuses.

Are there Free Spins in Mercy of the Gods? Arrow Arrow

When you land enough scatter symbols in Mercy of the Gods, you can get between 8 and 12 Free Spins.

How to bet real money in Mercy of the Gods? Arrow Arrow

You will have to visit an online casino if you want to play the slot with real money, a list of casinos where this slot is playable is available on BETO.

How to play the fee version of Mercy of the Gods? Arrow Arrow

You can play the demo version of the slot which is available on BETO, you can play the game there for free and explore different features of the slot.

Do I need to download Mercy of the Gods to play it? Arrow Arrow

There is no need to download any file on your device, you can play the slot on the browser of your device.