MARCH 2023

Play Candy Crush Slots for Free and 2023 Gameplay Guide

Can you hit the bonus symbol? Try Candy Crush slots for free on

What is a Candy Crush Slot Machine

Can you hit the bonus symbol? Try Candy Crush slots for free on

Written by: Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile | The review was last updated: 24 Feb 2023

Sweets are made to satisfy our cravings, and they come in so many variations. They help us when we crave mouth-watering delicacies, give pleasure to the eyes, and are also now helping us through online slots.

People crave sweets so much that even the thought of them is enough to make us drool. Even after becoming adults, we have never really gotten over our obsession with sweets. This love is well understood by online casino developers too, and they have created many online betting titles based on this theme.

In the last decade, numerous candy based iGaming titles have appeared in the market. One of the most popular candy-themed games is Candy Crush. This game was developed by King. The real rise of Candy Crush started in 2012 when it was released on Facebook. An estimate states that Candy Crush has been downloaded over 2 billion times over different devices.

Along with Candy Crush, other boosted variants of the game have also entered the market. You can play the unique versions, Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Jelly Saga. Regardless of your age, gender, and likes, we are sure that you'll enjoy Candy Crush.


Candy Crush Slot Games and inspired Online Arcade Games

With time, more advanced and powerful iGaming platforms are being developed. This has resulted in the increased quality of online slots in terms of graphics and gameplay. Today video slots have become so advanced and graphically intense that they look like actual video games.

There is a phenomenon called "gamification", which is the process of adding game-related mechanics into things that are not actual games. It sounds a little weird that online slots are becoming gamified these days, as many consider slots a kind of game. However, when slots were first created, they were not exactly games but just betting machines. These popular one-armed bandits let you gamble and worked on very simplistic mechanisms.

In today's world, video slots have been totally gamified, and it has been like this for many years. A lot of facts show that this process is not going to slow down anytime soon. Gamers and betters are just loving these high-end innovative and quality betting titles. Now you don't just bet on a simple machine that pays you if you get lucky. You now spin the reels of powerful online slots that are theme-based and include powerful in-game modifiers like expanding wilds, very lucrative free spins, and unique bonus elements too.

Candyways Bonanza Megaways (Hurricane Games)

Candyways Bonanza Megaways online slot is inspired by the candy crush series

Free game

Candyways Bonanza Megaways online slot is inspired by the candy crush series

If you want to play Candy Crush Slot Online you should take a look at Candyways Bonanza Megaways. The game can be considered a real candy cane slot. is full of bright colours and sweet candies. It's a game that works on a 3 reel system, giving varying ways of landing wins.

You get a bunch of special features and unique bonuses in Candyways Bonanza Megaways. You get a gamble round, free spins round and powerful multipliers increasing up to 100x.

You can try out this slot here at for free. We have arranged a demo version for you which will let you explore it.

Win payouts worth up to 20,000x your stake from your computer or mobile devices. Enjoy this high-volatility title with a decent RTP percentage of 96.01%.

The popular arcade game Candy Crush has inspired a bunch of online slots, and Candyways Bonanza Megaways guide is one of those titles. Try it right now, and we hope you'll enjoy it.


Candy Crush and Slot Games have a lot in common

Some of the players might share the option that the popular Candy Crush game that started through Facebook is very different from online slot titles. Candy Crush has a playing average of around 100,000,000 users every month, which is just insane. This wide popularity of the popular arcade game is what puts it into a different league altogether. Like this, many players think that Candy Crush is different from iGaming titles like Super Sweets.

However, there are many graphical and technical similarities between the two games. And this is not by any accident. Games like Super Sweets are designed specifically in a fashion that keeps players engaged and entertained.

These similarities between gambling games and video games are actually quite apparent and strong. We can even say that almost every video game represents one or form of gambling, just without a financial investment. Still, you need to shell out a lot of money to buy video games, along with the cost of several in-game purchases we make while playing them. In this sense, video slots are better than regular video games as they let you win money back during the gameplay, along with giving you a chance of winning huge jackpots.

Super Sweets (Betsoft)

Super Sweets pays homeage to the original  game. Try candy crush slot for free!

Free game

Super Sweets pays homeage to the original game. Try candy crush slot for free!

Super Sweet demo mode is the perfect iGaming title for you if you have a big sweet tooth. This delicious game was developed by one of the master studios, Betsoft Gaming. It will give you a standard-sized gambling grid of 5x3, perfect for the special extra free spins mode and the sticky wild re-spins.

Super Sweet follows a candy-inspired theme and has easy to follow game rules. However, you must have already guessed it from the title name and picture.

Betsoft designers have been thorough and precise with Super Sweets that they have even named the special bonuses in a theme-inspired manner. Like, there is a Super Sticky Wild bonus, along with a Golden Ticket Free Spins round.

Every single element of this online candy crush slot looks delicious and yummy, and any Candy Cane fan will definitely love it.

You can try it for free here on our website, enjoy spinning the mouth-watering reels.


Online Candy Crush Slot Comparison

So what makes the famous game Candy Crush and candy crush slot inspired gaming so similar and popular?

The visual and audio would be the best part to highlight. The look and feel of Candy Crush are very candy based, and you will feel very familiar when you enter a candy crush slot based on the original game or if your try an official candy slot from Mascot Gaming.

The bonus symbols and free spins feature and the winning symbols in your gameplay is heavely focus on candy and colors your remember from the origigal game. The special symbbols and how the symbols fall on your screen will make any fan see the similarites when they play a Candy Crush Slot.

If you have ever played Candy Crush. Every game is designed with a certain goal, which is generally based on some challenges which a player must overcome.

You get a series of challenges in the games, and you get rewards after you overcome these challenges. In Candy Crush, you win rewards and pass a level after you complete challenges like hitting a certain number of combos with a fixed number of spins. In online slots as well, you get payouts when you land the winning combos.

Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play)

Sweet Bonanza is one of the most popular casino games inspired by candy crush.

Free game

Sweet Bonanza is one of the most popular casino games inspired by candy crush.

Pragmatic Play has also joined the arena of sweet flavoured slot machines, and they have also developed their fair share of games. Their take on a candy-based slot is Sweet Bonanza, which is also popular among players.

The most attractive element of Sweet Bonanza is its unbelievably high jackpot amount. You can win a payout as big as 21,100x in a single spin.

However, the jackpot isn't the only feature of the slot. It has other bonuses like random multipliers and a free spin round.

Different types of candies and mouth-watering sweets will keep spinning on your gambling grid. A translucent background of blue skies will add to your overall experience, and you'll enjoy your tantalising Sugar Rush.


Candy Crush vs Online Slot Games

Back to the similarities between Candy Crush and online slot games. The rewards we get are in the form of some game currency or some power-ups. You can use these to enhance your gambling experience and purchase special features. In video slots, too, you get payouts, but these payouts are paid directly in monetary forms.

The idea of a near miss is also fascinating. In both the games, Candy Crush and online slots, the idea of a near miss is taken very seriously. A near miss means getting an outcome near to the target outcome. For example, in a roulette casino game, when you bet on a number, say 12, and the winning number turns out to be 13, it is considered a near miss.

In modern slots, too, if the winning combo is 3 cherries, and you land a combo of 2 cherries and a bell, it will, unfortunately, be considered a near miss. Even though your winning combo was left uncompleted only because of one symbol, you will still get the same reward as you could have got for a completely wrong combo.

Like this, video games also work on the concept of near-miss, including popular games like Candy Crush. As you must already know, Candy Crush has different levels, and you need to finish a level successfully to unlock the next level. Even if you get very close to finishing a level and lose at the last moment, it will still be considered a loss, and you won't pass your level. In such a case, you'll have to start your level from the very starting.

This way, we can see that the idea of near-miss is considered very seriously in online slots and games like Candy Crush alike. Both don't give out any rewards based on likeliness or closeness to winnings.

Yum Yum Powerways (Pragmatic Play)

Yum Yum PowerWays winning combinations and special symbols is like being in candy land.

Free game

Yum Yum PowerWays winning combinations and special symbols is like being in candy land.

Yum Yum PowerWays is as powerful as its name, and it is a new video slot developed by Pragmatic Play. What is fascinating about this game is its new reel mechanic, which combines a pair of 6x4 gaming grids. This lets you spin the reels in multiple directions, and payouts are given in 4 ways.

With this new reel setup, Yum Yum PowerWays has done excellent work of stirring up the iGaming industry by introducing a new way of landing winnings. Getting prizes by landing payouts in cross directions excites even the most experienced players, and it feels refreshing.

A food-based and sweet centred theme pairs up with this advanced mechanic. A melodious soundtrack keeps playing during your gameplay.


Powerups and Gamification of Online Slot Games

No conversation about video slots and Candy Crush games can complete without mentioning power-ups. They are the special features and modifiers in online gambling titles and video games. Extra lives, weapon improvements, special abilities, and other beneficial elements are the power-ups that improve your gameplay.

These were the power-ups of video games. In the case of video slots, we get scatters, wilds, free spin rounds, and bonus rounds. These help you increase your payouts and winnings. However, the house makes sure that they get their cut, and these features are necessarily stabilised to maintain that.

While playing Candy Crush, you'll get some special candies that come with powers giving you more points and clearing up obstacles. These power-ups help you in clearing your level easily and comfortably. In the popular online slot Starburst, you can use bonus triggers to get huge payouts. Such bonuses are created for breaking the monotonous betting experience you get when you do nothing but spin the reels, which can get boring.

Gamification has become very popular now. Adding gaming elements to something increases its excitement, and people get more interested. Online slots are also being heavily gamified now, not just actual video games. Just visit any good online casino, and you'll get a plethora of advanced iGaming titles.

Online Casinos themselves are becoming very advanced, and they look more like worlds of online games. You get flashy and striking graphics, along with guides that help you understand how the different features work. Some venues also have cute mascots, which gives warm welcomes and help you navigate through.

Some games come with strong themes that include characters. Online slot machines with protagonists and mascots are very common. They show you around, explain the different bonuses, and congratulate you when you land winnings. This helps the slot give you a personalised experience and immersive gameplay.

These bonuses are very common nowadays, and you can see that most honest online casinos provide them. Another excellent mechanism you'll find in online casinos is the levelling-up system. It's a reward program where there are some levels, usually 5 or 6 levels, and you upgrade your level through playing. As you keep gambling at a venue, you add points to a meter, and it'll level up once you reach a certain level. This way, online casinos offer you rewards just by placing bets on the games. It's very similar to video games, where you level up and get rewards.

The standard casino bonuses are always there at every venue, along with these special bonuses. These encourage players to keep playing and offer free goodies like free spins, gambling balance, etc.

Starburst (NetEnt)

Starburst resembles the candy crush gameplay loop and offer huge prizes.

Free game

Starburst resembles the candy crush gameplay loop and offer huge prizes.

If we have to mention one slot machine that we think almost every slot player must have played on, then we need to mention Starburst.

It was developed by NetEnt, one of the most popular and experienced iGaming developers. Starburst has been topping different charts and lists for several years now, and it still remains one of the most played titles across online casinos.

Starburst was released around a decade ago in 2012 and offered very simple and minimalistic gameplay on a low variance setting. Starburst was released around a decade ago in 2012 and offered very simple and minimalistic gameplay on a low variance setting.

You get a re-spin feature that triggers when you land wilds on the reels, adding a spicy kick to the gameplay. It has a sober appearance but packs the potential to provide an immersive betting session.

The primary reason why Starburst is so famous is that the online casinos offer different bonuses on it. You get special freebies, like free spins and no-deposit bonuses at online casinos, and you can use them only for some specific titles. Most venues let you use them on Starburst.


Online Slots evolving into a hobby

Online slots are getting better and better every day, thanks to innovations and advanced technology and the increasing capability of iGaming platforms. This allows online game developers to create advanced and hi-tech products which offer different bonuses and reward systems. Slowly, the stigma associated with gambling is disappearing, and people accept it as just another way of entertainment.

Compared to the first online slot, today's iGaming titles are very advanced, and they come loaded with unique features and bonuses. Just from their looks on online casino websites, they captivate the players. The freebies and bonuses like jackpots and free spins have a psychological effect, making online slots even more entertaining and enjoyable.

It's commonly seen that video games are associated with skills and expertise, and gambling games are seen as mere games of chance. However, the elements of these two gaming universes can be seen coming together. The new titles developed by the iGaming studios are gambling titles at their core, but they also showcase several video game mechanics. Thus, they keep players engaged, and also encourage new players to try them.

Beginners are attracted to slot machines based on popular entertainment instead of basic standard machines. Popular movies, TV shows, and fictional characters inspire developers to create iGaming titles, and these products attract new players as they feel connected to them.

Candy Crush is undoubtedly a very popular game, and its sweet candy theme is itself very friendly and comforting. You are more likely to move into a comfortable and friendly zone while gambling on such slots.


Frequently asked questions about online slot machine inspired by Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a widely popular game played by millions of people around the world. It's based on a sweet and candy-inspired theme, and it set a new trend in the iGaming world. Many online slots get their inspiration from Candy Crush, and here are some popular questions related to them.

What are online slots?

Online slots are slot machines that have been transformed digitally into online formats. They are usually more powerful and feature-loaded than general mechanical slot machines.

What is Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is a simple puzzle game developed by King. Candy Crush is one of the most popular and played games of all time, and it has been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide. It was launched almost a decade ago, and it is still widely popular.

Are there any other variants of Candy Crush?

Yes, thanks to the wide popularity of the game and the love players have given to Candy Crush, its makers have developed special versions of it. You can play Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Jelly, which are also equally entertaining.

How Can I play Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is a free game, just install it on your device through the app store or play store, and you are good to go. You can sync your social media profiles with the game to compete with your friends.

Are there any online slots that are similar to Candy Crush?

Yes, Candy Crush revolves around a candy and sweet based theme, which is popular and inspires iGaming developers too. Sweet Bonanza, Super Sweets, and Yum Yum PowerWays are some of the popular online slot machines that look and feel like Candy Crush.

How are online slots similar to Candy Crush in terms of visuals?

The overall theme is the main element of any game, be it an arcade game like Candy Crush or an online slot machine. Candy Crush is a symbol matching game, and it has a wide betting grid in the centre, just like online slots, where you get a betting grid made up of reels and rows. The icons in Candy Crush are different candies, and the symbols of sweet based slots are also usually candies and jellies.

How can I land a payout in a Candy Crush inspired slot?

Every slot works on either a payline based mechanism or a cluster-based mechanism. A payline based mechanism will give you payouts if you land similar symbols together on one of the paylines. The cluster payout mechanism will give you a payout if you land similar symbols together on the gaming grid.

Where can I find online slots that feel like and are similar in gameplay to Candy Crush?

You can play these slot machines on online casinos. Online Casinos are online betting venues where a lot of online gambling titles are available, and you can bet on any game that looks appealing to you. Just visit any of our recommended online casinos, and search for your favourite slot machine.

What power-ups and special features will I get in Candy Crush inspired slots?

Slots offer a lot of special boosters to keep the gameplay electric and entertaining. You get bonuses like free spins, wild symbols, crazy multipliers, and bonus rounds in different video slots.

How are Candy Crush and online slots similar in terms of winnings?

In Candy Crush, there are different levels, and you pass a level by creating a specific number of combos or by landing some special chains of winnings. In online slots, you also need to land combos, but these combos don't increase your level but give you a direct payout.