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Sherwood Gold slot follows the legend of Robin Hood as he tries to rob the Sheriff of Nottingham and promises you some of the riches. This online game is played on a 5x3 layout and offers 20 paylines for landing wins. You can land the Cash Bag symbols to win instant prizes worth up to 2,000x your bet. After triggering Free Spins, you get to play a mini-game to decide the number of Free Spins, Multiplier value, and Cash Bag Booster. You can also extend the bonus and enjoy up to 110 Free Spins.

Sherwood Gold does well by providing you with a lot of options, but it isn't anywhere near the best slot from Play'n GO. You can still play this slot if it interests you.

Release: 06.11.2023
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X6500

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 03 June 2024 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenEngaging medieval theme

Open6,500x your bet Max Win

OpenArchery mini-game

OpenCash Bag Instant Prizes

OpenFree Spins with Multipliers

Cons Cons


Close High volatility, rare wins

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Play'n GO

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 96.20

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 80.00

Slots Reels 5

Slots Rows 3

Slots Paylines 20

Game Themes


Game Features

Random multiplier Additional Free Spins BonusGame: Pick Objects FreeSpins Multiplier RTP range Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

Sherwood Gold Review by BETO Slots

Sherwood Gold Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Sherwood Gold Online Slot

Sherwood Gold slot follows the story of Robin Hood, who is a character that many people have heard of. However, not many people know his story, which is about how he tried to rob the Sheriff of Nottingham and share the loot with the poor. It is expected that a game like this will award instant prizes with high values, and it does. It also has a Free Spins bonus where you can enjoy Multipliers and higher instant win prizes.

The Sherwood Gold developer is none other than Play'n GO, so you won't see a bonus buy slot feature in this game (Play'n GO is against it). This game is played on 5 reels, 3 rows, and offers 20 paylines. The features look interesting and powerful, but you should read till the end before forming an opinion.

Check out free online slots no downloads for a taste of the action. Will you hit the bullseye and claim the riches? Keep reading to find out why this slot may become your next favourite.


Theme & Design: Medieval Adventure Saga

Theme & Design: Medieval Adventure Saga

Theme & Design: Medieval Adventure Saga

Theme and Design

When I gave Sherwood Gold a spin, the theme grabbed me right off the bat. You're plunged into a vibrant medieval world that feels straight out of the legendary Robin Hood tales. The game's design is bursting with rich, lively colours that really bring the Sherwood Forest setting to life. The cartoonish characters, with their unique colours, outfits, and demeanours, add to the fun of playing this game.

It is like a medieval fable, where each spin will take you deeper into an enchanted forest where the treasure could be hiding around any corner. The slot developer Play'n GO has absolutely nailed the vibe of adventure and rebellion against the backdrop of old England's lush greenery.

Music and Soundtrack

With each spin, you're treated to a lovely mix of lutes and flutes, like having your own personal minstrel serenading your quest! The satisfying clinks of coins when you land a win fit right in. There were no jarring sounds that took me out of the experience; instead, everything blends together nicely to make you feel like you're part of an epic tale from days of yore.


Symbols & Payouts

Set off on a medieval escapade with symbols and payouts steeped in lore and legend. Here's the scoop:

  • Character Symbols: These icons are the heart of our story, featuring the merry band of outlaws. We're talking Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John, and Friar Tuck. Spot Robin, and you could win up to 7.5x your stake for landing five-of-a-kind winning combinations.

  • Royal Symbols: These are your classic aces through tens, dishing out between 0.2x to 0.65x your bet for five on a payline.

  • Wilds: Castles step in as Wilds, subbing for all symbols except Scatters. Land five, and you're looking at 25x your stake.

  • Cash Bag Scatters: These little treasures trigger instant cash prizes.

  • Arrow Scatters: These symbols feature quivers with arrows that help in triggering the special bonus.


How to Play Sherwood Gold Slot Machine

How to Play Play

How to Play Play'n GO's Sherwood Gold

Embarking on an adventure through the legendary Sherwood Forest has never been easier, even if your aim isn't quite as sharp as Robin Hood's. Here's how you can start your quest for riches:

  • Adjust your bet size: Before you let those arrows fly, it's smart to adjust your stakes. Look for the betting options at the bottom of the screen; bets range from €0.20 to €80.
  • Use autoplay: If you'd rather let your merry men do the heavy lifting, select autoplay. Set your desired number of spins and loss/win limits to keep your bankroll in check.
  • Open the paytable: The paytable is like an adventurer's map in this forest of fortune. Click the i button to reveal symbol values, bonus feature explanations, and winning line configurations.
  • Buttons and their functions: Each button on Sherwood Gold has its purpose, from spinning reels to setting bets and opening game rules. However, you have to make sure that you only press the green spin button when you are ready to play.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Sherwood Gold by Play

Bonus Features Explained in Sherwood Gold by Play'n GO

Sherwood Gold bonuses capture the adventurous spirit of the legendary Robin Hood. Here's a closer look at what this slot has in store for you.

Cash Bag Instant Prizes

On my journey into the heart of Sherwood Forest, one exciting discovery was the Cash Bag Instant Prizes. This feature triggers when you land 3 to 9 Cash Bag Scatters anywhere on the reels. The more Scatters you find, the bigger your reward. Cash Bag prize values range from 1x to 2,000x your bet. During Free Spins, these prizes really level up in value, making each find potentially game-changing.

Shoot The Targets

The Archery Game or Shoot The Targets is where your aim comes into play. Triggered by landing 3 Arrow Scatters, this bonus round challenges you to shoot at targets with a set number of arrows based on the arrows on your Scatters. Each Arrow Scatter symbol will have up to 3 arrows, so the maximum number of arrows you can get is 9.

Targets reveal Free Spins, Multipliers, or Cash Bag Boosters, each adding a major boost to your gameplay. It's more a test of luck than skill, but it still feels great to see what each target unveils.

Free Spins Round

The real treasure lies in the Free Spins feature. The Free Spins round begins after the Archery Game. Enhanced Cash Bag Prizes (up to 3x) and every Arrow Scatter adding an extra spin up to a whopping 110 spins total make for a wild ride. While Multipliers only apply to line wins and not Cash Bag Instant Prizes, they still give your winning potential a hefty boost during this frenzied bout of spins.


Max Win, RTP, & Variance

Win 6,500x your bet in the Sherwood Gold Slot!

Win 6,500x your bet in the Sherwood Gold Slot!

Sherwood Gold boasts a tantalizing Maximum Win of 6,500x your bet, a solid RTP of 96.20%, and a high variance that promises both risk and reward. The RTP is fine, and the Max Win is very exciting. High variance means that you will have to wait for the wins, but the chances of them being bigger are high.


Sherwood Gold: A Slot Machine Worth Spinning?

Sherwood Gold: A Slot Machine Worth Spinning?

Sherwood Gold: A Slot Machine Worth Spinning?

Sherwood Gold is not the finest game in the category of video slots that offer instant prizes, but it does have its own charm and some great extras. Not much about this game stands out because there are plenty of games that will award you instant prizes in the base game or Free Spins. The thing that stands out is the Archery round, where you can grab some high Multipliers, a generous number of Free Spins, and Cash Bag Boosters.

Free Spins can be extraordinary or not very rewarding, depending on what happens in the Archery round. I like the fact that you can get 9 arrows and get all of the rewards in the Archery round if luck favours you. This should guarantee at least a few big wins in the Free Spins. Also, it seems easy to get extra Free Spins, which can help continue a winning streak.

Compared to some of the best games with similar bonuses, this video game isn't that impressive. Still, it is worth playing because the Free Spins round can be fun, and the potential for a massive instant prize in the base game is always there.


Sherwood Gold FAQ

What is the Maximum Win in Sherwood Gold slot? Arrow Arrow

The Maximum Win in Sherwood Gold is 6,500x your bet. This significant potential payout reflects the game's high volatility and adventurous spirit.

Can I try Sherwood Gold slot for free before betting real money? Arrow Arrow

Absolutely! You can experience the thrill of Sherwood Gold without risking a penny by playing the demo slot at BETO. It's a great way to get familiar with the game mechanics and bonus features before you decide to play with real cash.

What makes the Cash Bag Instant Prizes feature special in Sherwood Gold online slot? Arrow Arrow

The Cash Bag Instant Prizes stand out because they offer instant rewards when landing 3 to 9 Cash Bag Scatters, with prizes increasing significantly during Free Spins. It adds an exciting layer of anticipation to every spin, hoping for that direct cash boost.

How does the Archery Game work, and what rewards can I expect? Arrow Arrow

In the Archery Game, triggered by landing 3 Arrow Scatters, you shoot at targets based on how many arrows you've collected. Each target reveals different goodies like Free Spins, Multipliers, or Cash Bag Boosters.

Are there any strategies for winning big on Sherwood Gold slot machine? Arrow Arrow

There is no strategy that guarantees success because this game is based on luck. Remember, though, to always play responsibly and within your budget limits.

What are some tips for beginners trying Sherwood Gold video slot at an online casino? Arrow Arrow

For starters, make sure to play the demo version first to understand how everything works without any risk. Pay attention to understanding how Scatter symbols trigger bonus features like Free Spins or the Archery Game. Finally, manage your bankroll wisely; start with smaller bets till you feel comfortable ramping up.