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Wild Falls slot is an adventure-filled video slot that is based on the top of a huge waterfall. The theme and colour scheme of the slot are attractive and striking; you will have a great time betting on the slot. There are different Free Spin bonuses to increase your excitement in the slot, and there is an exciting Jackpot that pays a win worth 10,000x

Release: 24.01.2019
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X10000

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 12 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


Open4 different Special Bonuses

OpenGold Rush themed slot

OpenHigh Quality graphics

OpenInnovative features in the slot

OpenThe top jackpot is worth 10,000x

Cons Cons


Close High level of volatility

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Play'n GO

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 94.50

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 5

Slots Rows 3

Slots Paylines 20

Game Themes

Goldmine Wild West

Game Features

Respins RTP range Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

Beautiful Graphics of Wild Falls slot

Beautiful Graphics of Wild Falls slot

Intro to Wild Falls Slot Machine

Play'n Go has done a fabulous job with its new slot, "Wild Falls". Wild Falls is a very graphic-rich slot, which will steal your attraction at first sight. The concept and the whole idea behind the slot are unique and rare to find in online slots games. Wild Falls is based on the top of a waterfall; there are no unnecessary elements in the slot to disturb the calm tranquillity, it is the beauty of Wild Falls, there are many theme-inspired graphics, but there is nothing that would look extra or unwanted.

The top of this waterfall in Wild Falls looks like it is the view of Niagara Falls, as the mouth of the waterfall is very wide, and grey stones are covering both sides of the game screen. This lovely waterfall works as a perfect backdrop for the slot. 

The structure of Wild Falls is very popular, there are 5 reels in the slot, and the number of rows in the grid is 3; this is the typical grid structure that you will find in many Modern Online Slots. 

The exciting elements in the slot are the many treasure chests that can be seen in the river that is flowing the water in the mouth of the waterfall. These treasure chests contain various awards and benefits that you can benefit from while playing the main game. 


Graphics and Theme

Wild Falls has a fascinating story behind its theme; the slot's theme is the Gold Rush of California in the 1800s. Gold Mining was the big thing at that time, and everybody was searching for gold, like literally, everybody! In the region where gold was found, there was a great river named Yukon River; the miners used this river to clean their equipment and other items used in the process. While washing this equipment, sometimes, little chunks of gold used to wash away with the water, and then it was carried on by the river for long distances.

People used to randomly find this gold in small sediments and pieces on the river banks. This gold rush is the theme of Wild Falls, the river in the background of the slot is most probably the Yukon River, and you can see some chests of gold on the river flowing down; these represent the small flowing gold pieces that used to wash down with the river. 

You just can't miss the river in the slot; it covers the entire background of the reels; this river is wide, that all the reels are fitted inside the river, and with the flowing water, the symbols on these reels also revolve. The symbols in the slot are also strongly influenced by the slot's theme; there are both high-paying and low-paying symbols in Wild Falls, the high-paying symbols are the picture symbols, these are denoted by the different gold mining equipment, like a shovel, miner's lamp, a pan filled with golden spoils, and a huge pot of gold.

The low-paying symbols of the slot are basic card symbols, K, J, A, Q, and 10, these symbols are card deck symbols, but they are presented in a strong stone-like finish; this cool look of the symbols perfectly matches the other high-paying symbols of the slot, and overall it sets a perfect vibe to the slot, you will feel as if you are a miner who after days and days of hard work has become exhausted, and is waiting at the bed of a waterfall to collect the flowing small gold pieces.

Payouts of different high-paying symbols

Payouts of different high-paying symbols


How to Play Wild Falls Slot

How to Play 

Wild Falls is a simple game to play; it doesn't have any useless controls or options to make the gameplay complicated; the game is super simple and smooth. To start your game, you will have to set up a bet amount. The bet amount can be set using the bet toggles of the slot, which are placed in a wide selector on the bottom of the game screen, there you will find a number of options for the bet amount, and you can get more betting options using the plus or minus button on the sides.

The betting range at Wild Falls is very wide; it helps you as it makes the slot comfortable for an array of different budgeted players. If you have a small budget, you can play some spins with a small bet, and if you have a big budget for the gambling session, you can increase the bet amount accordingly.

The minimum bet on Wild Falls is worth €0.20 per spin, and it can be increased to a max of €100.00 per spin. Just make sure you set a balanced bet in the game; if it is too high, you will be at risk; set a bet amount that allows you a minimum of 50 spins on the slot. 

After setting the bet, you have to spin the reels; you can spin the reels using the spin button on the bottom right corner of the game. 

How to Win 

Setting the bet and spinning the reels won't make you a millionaire; if you want to fill your bags with cash, then you will have to land some winning combos in the slot. To get a payout, you will have to land a combo of winning symbols on one of the game's paylines. 

There are 20 different paylines in Wild Falls, and all of them are active at all times; you don't have to manually select and activate each payline; this is something you need to do in some slots, which is bad for your time and your pocket. 

The payout you get from the combos depends on how many symbols are there in the combo; if you have more symbols, like 4 or 5 symbols, you will get a very generous payout. The value of the winning combo also depends on the value of the symbols that have made up that combo. The high paying symbols will give you better payouts, which is quite apparent from the name—the low paying symbols in the slot, on the other hand, payout relatively lower wins. 

If you want a detailed overview of different winning combos and their payouts, you can look at the slot's paytable; it can be accessed by pressing the "i" button on the bottom left corner of the game screen. 

Rapid Re-Spins will make you win big

Rapid Re-Spins will make you win big


Fun Bonus Features

The main excitement of an Online Slot largely depends on the number of special features it has. Wild Falls has 4 different special features that will make your betting experience very electric and engaging. Following are the different Bonus Features in Wild Falls:

Rapid Re-Spins

When you trigger the Rapid Re-Spins, the wilds in the grid will become fixed, and all the other symbols will spin; this will give you chances of hitting high payouts as the wilds will always be there. This Special Bonus is activated when you land 1 or 2 Wild chests on the reels of the slot. 

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a random feature in Wild Falls, and you don't need to land any specific symbols to activate it. When this feature is triggered, it will turn all the chests in the game into Golden Chests. Gold Rush is a base game bonus, and it cannot be activated during the bonus rounds, but it will be active in all Re-Spins. The Gold Chests in the slot will have mystery multipliers in them, and you can get payouts worth 2x, 3x, and 5x. These multipliers can also combine together, and you can win a huge payout worth 125x.

This free spins slots bonus will continue as long as there are chests on the reels.

  1. River of Gold Free Spins
  2. Super River of Gold Free Spins

River of Gold Free Spins

This bonus is triggered when you land 3 scatters on the reels; when you trigger this bonus, the chests won't just fall down like they usually do; rather, they will come down a step a time and will eventually fall down. This Free Spins bonus will continue as long as there are chests on the reels

Super River of Gold Free Spins

This Free Spins Bonus Round is very similar to the normal River of Gold Free Spins bonus, but there is a slight twist in this one. The Free Spins in Super River of Gold Free Spins will have increased payouts as there will be crazy multipliers in this round. These mystery multipliers are super generous, and you can win an insane payout worth 10,000x your stake. 


There is no Fixed Jackpot in Wild Falls, but there are some very high wins that you can land in your spins. The top win you can score in the slot is worth 10,000x your bet, which is super generous; when you play the slot on the top bet, it can give you an amazing payout of €100,000 in a single spin

Enjoy massive wins in the Special Bonus Round

Enjoy massive wins in the Special Bonus Round


Tips and Tricks

You must be looking for some kind of winning strategy in Wild Falls, something you can follow to get assured returns and big payouts, but this is not at all possible in Wild Falls. Wild Falls uses a series of Random Number Generators, which do not follow any fixed pattern in deciding the spins. These RNGs are the reason why it is impossible to predict the outcomes of a spin, so it means that you cannot formulate a winning formula by using probability and predictions on the basis of previous spins. 

However, there are some tips that you should keep in mind while playing on the Video Slot:

  • Set your bet carefully; make sure you set your bet amount on the basis of your gaming budget. Set a bet amount that allows you around 50-70 spins on the slot; any less than this would be risky.
  • While using the Autoplay Feature, make sure you set the stop loss limit; it will save you from suffering a big loss. 
  • Make sure you make a gaming budget before starting spinning, do not keep gambling if you cross your budget; make sure you play responsibly. 
A good win in Wild Falls slot machine

A good win in Wild Falls slot machine


Free Version and Mobile Support of Wild Falls Slot

Demo Version of Wild FallsThe Demo Version of Wild Falls is available on BETO; you can play on it to understand the different elements of the game. These Demo versions are completely free to play, and you spin the reels using the dummy money of the slot. These Free Games are the perfect ways to explore the different Special Features of the slot and understand them. It is better to know about a slot before wagering your hard-earned money on it. The new players of the slot are advised to play the Free Version first. 

Cross-Device Support of Wild Falls 

You will be thrilled to hear that you can continue your gold mining adventure wherever you want; you can play Wild Falls on the go, thanks to the great optimization by the developers of the slot. Along with your computer, you can play Wild Falls on your mobiles and tablets as well. The game works smoothly, and you won't notice any lag or glitch in the mobile version of the slot, it is the same game, and you are just playing it on a smaller screen. If you are playing it on your handheld devices, you can choose any device as both iOS and Android are supported. If you want to play the slot on your computer, you can do it on both Windows and Mac. 


RTP and Volatility


The Return To Player Percentage of Wild Falls is 96.58%, which is super high. It means that when you play on Wild Falls with a balance of 100 coins, you will most likely get around 96.58 coins back after your gaming session. This RTP of Wild Falls is very high, the usual RTP of similar slots is around 95.50% - 96.00%, so it is a whole percentage higher than the average of the industry, great, isn't it!

The Variance of Wild Falls

The Volatility rating of Wild Falls is high, which makes it perfect for the players who want some excitement in their gaming sessions. high variance games have very high rewards for winning payouts, and Wild Falls is no different. The max win you can hit in the video slot is worth 10,000x your stake, which is super awesome. 


The Overall Verdict of Wild Falls Slot

Wild Falls is a beautiful slot; you will love everything about it. The best thing about Wild Falls is its interesting theme story; the slot is based around the thrilling story of the 19th century Californian Gold Rush, the different visuals of the slot are based around that gold rush.

The slot's background is the view of a beautiful wide river, which was the central river of the Gold Rush region in California. The symbols in Wild Falls are designed according to the Gold Rush theme of the slot; there are high paying picture symbols, photos of Gold Extracting equipment like axes, shovels, and lamps.

Even the low-paying card symbols of the slot also have a theme-based finish. The card symbols have a special font that makes them look like stones; it matches with the stones on the banks of the river and gives a serene touch to the overall look and feel of the video slot. The stats of Wild Falls are very assuring, the RTP is decent, and the variance rating is high, which makes this slot very exciting

To electrify your gaming gambling experience, there are a lot of special bonuses in the slot, and you will have a great time playing on Wild Falls. 


Frequently Asked Questions - Wild Falls Slot

How to play Wild Falls slot? Arrow Arrow

It is super simple to play Wild Falls, just set a bet amount and spin the reels of the slot, you need to do nothing else.

What are the Treasure Chests in Wild Falls online slot? Arrow Arrow

The treasure chests or wild chests are the special symbols in Wild Falls. When they land on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reels, they turn into wild symbols and help you in landing winning payouts. However, if you land one or two of these symbols on the reels, you activate the Rapid Re-Spins of the slot.

Are there Free Spins in Wild Falls video slot? Arrow Arrow

Yes, there are two different Free Spin bonuses in Wild Falls, the first Bonus Round is called the River of Gold Free Spins, and the other bonus round is called Super River of Gold Free Spins.

What is the exciting thing about Wild Falls slot machine? Arrow Arrow

The most amazing theme about Wild Falls is that you can hit mega wins in Wild Falls, and you can also turn the treasure chests of Wild Falls into Golden Chests, which gives you additional bonuses.

Can I play Wild Falls slot on my phone? Arrow Arrow

Yes, of course, the game has been perfectly optimized by the game developers, and you can easily play it on your handheld devices.

What is the highest win I can land in Wild Falls slot? Arrow Arrow

You can win a top Jackpot worth €100,000 in Wild Falls, thanks to the high volatility of the slot.