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Lightning Roulette System - Expert help to Win More in 2024✔️

Lightning Roulette strategy and casino betting systems.

Guide To Lightning Roulette Strategies

Lightning Roulette strategy and casino betting systems.

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 15 March 2023 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

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Lightning Roulette takes European Roulette and makes it much more engaging and profitable through a few simple changes. You will get the benefit of a live host in a stunning environment and the opportunity to win high payouts through lucky numbers.

You can play Lightning Roulette like normal roulette by placing bets on numbers or colours you like. The only difference between normal roulette and Lightning Roulette is that an electrifying twist allows you to land lucky numbers with higher Multipliers. Still, you won’t have to spend any time learning how it works and can start playing as soon as you are ready.

The overall quality of this game is much higher than standard roulette, but that is not the best part. The best part is that 1 to 5 lucky numbers can be struck by lightning and pay 50x to 500x of your bet for straight bets.

We know you are probably excited to play this game, but please read our Lightning roulette strategies to improve your chances of winning.


Standard Lightning Roulette Strategy

Lightning Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

Play Lightning Roulette with a betting strategy.
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Play Lightning Roulette with a betting strategy.

You must understand that using straight-up bets is the only way to benefit from the lucky payouts. Basically, you have to bet on the number which could be later chosen as the lucky number to get paid a huge amount. Therefore, it makes sense to bet on as many numbers as possible to maximize your chances of landing a big payout.

One strategy involves betting on all numbers and waiting for the Multipliers to hit. This strategy is risky because you will risk plenty of money by placing bets on several numbers. You will lose money on an average spin because the payout for the straight-up bet on the correct number is only 30:1. However, you can recover your money or make a profit when lucky numbers hit.

Remember not to double your bet value to recover from a loss, as it doubles the risk and can lead to higher losses. This is an expensive strategy, so you must have a large bankroll if you don’t want to run out of money before the big wins.


Playing Lightning Roulette is Fun

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A video showing Lightning Roulette strategy in action with real money.


Play Lightning Roulette with The Paroli Betting Strategy

The Paroli Lightning Roulette strategy is all about getting the maximum benefit from winning streaks. In this strategy, you will double your bets when you win and hope you continue landing wins and win big.

For instance, if your initial bet is €100 and you win, you will bet €200 in the next round. If you win again, you will bet €400 in the next round. However, you will return to betting €100 as soon as you lose.

If you want to use this strategy for Lightning Roulette, you will have to stick to placing a straight-up bet on the numbers you like. When the lucky numbers hit for a few spins in a row, you can get insane winnings.


Labouchere Lightning Roulette Strategy

Find the best strategy for Lightning Roulette online.

Find the best strategy for Lightning Roulette online.

This live Lightning Roulette strategy is unique because it doesn’t use lucky numbers at all. The truth is that lucky numbers show up rarely, so you can use this strategy when you don’t see a lot of lucky numbers while playing. Let us explain how it works now.

  • First, you must decide how much you will bet in total. Let us assume that you are going to bet €10.
  • The second step is to divide your total stake value into smaller numbers and arrange them randomly. For instance, €10 can be divided into 1-2-1-2-2-2.
  • Whatever random sequence you have chosen, you will take the first and the last number of the sequence and bet their total value on an even bet like red, black, odd, or even. In our example, we will add 1 and 2 according to the random sequence we have chosen and bet €3.
  • If you win, you will cross the numbers that were added to place the bet. In our example, the new sequence after winning will be 2-1-2-2. The next bet will again be placed using the first and last numbers, which are 2 and 2. So the bet will be €4.
  • If you lose the initial bet, you won’t cross any number but instead, add the bet value to the right side of the sequence. The sequence will look like 1-2-1-2-2-2-3.
  • You will keep crossing numbers when you win and adding numbers whenever you lose until the sequence is cleared.
  • Basically, this strategy relies on bets with an equal chance of winning and losing to help you make the most out of winning streaks and recover your losses.
  • There are 2 issues with this system. The first one is that it doesn’t use lucky numbers. The second issue is that you need a big bankroll to recover losses from a losing streak.


The 9x Lightning Roulette System by Kim Birch

Try the 9x Roulette system when playing Lightning Roulette.

Try the 9x Roulette system when playing Lightning Roulette.

I created this lightning roulette strategy called the 9x Roulette System back in 2020 for first-person Lightning Roulette and normal roulette. This strategy is based on the fact that certain numbers won’t appear even after the roulette wheel is spun enough times.

The roulette wheel isn’t like a clock that will count every second before advancing by a minute. You can’t expect to land every single number given in the 37 pockets in a European wheel after 37 spins.

Even though the probability of landing any number is the same, the actual results will always be different. In reality, the results of 37 consecutive spins will look like a Keno board. You can visualize it like a shotgun blast that is random and unpredictable.

We are comparing roulette with Keno because it is equally hard to hit all 20 balls in 20 chances as it is to land the numbers in all 37 pockets in 37 spins. In short, it is next to impossible.

You will notice that the mathematical distributions created by probability and statistics resemble a shotgun blast often. A bell curve can be drawn (based on the mathematical distribution) to reveal that most numbers in the middle hit once. On one side are the numbers that hit more than once, while the other side has numbers that don’t hit at all.

Simply put, you won’t see a third of the numbers hit in 37 roulette spins. This happens because some numbers will show up two or more times. Out of 37 numbers, you are expected to hit 25 numbers one or more times, but 12 numbers might not hit.

The real question is, can you use this knowledge to win more often? The answer is that it depends, as the 9x Roulette System is a way to manage your money better but not a guaranteed way to ensure wins.


How to Play Lightning Roulette With The 9x Strategy

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Test the 9x Roulette System for free

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the 9x Strategy at casinos online.

  • First, you have to decide your budget and then start observing the game.
  • You will watch the spins and note down the numbers that land. You will keep observing until 9 different numbers appear.
  • The final step is to place an equal bet on the 9 different numbers that appeared for the next three spins.
  • If the strategy works, one of the 9 numbers will appear a second time and award you 30:1 or the Lightning Roulette Bonus Multiplier. If that happens, you will make a profit.


9x Betting Plan and Bankroll Needed for Lightning Roulette

You need to be able to manage your bankroll wisely and also have enough to try a strategy properly. We recommend starting with 108 units and betting only 1 unit on a number so that you can use this strategy at least 4 times.

Once you have decided how much you are willing to bet, you have to think about your approach. You can either take the conservative approach or the aggressive one. The conservative approach means you will withdraw money whenever you are up 27 units, so your chances of retaining a profit are high.

The aggressive approach involves betting 2 units per number for the next group of 9 numbers once you are up by 54 units. If you manage to get one winning number, you will enjoy a decent profit. However, this can backfire and make you lose any profit you have earned.

If you have a bigger bankroll, you can bet 3 or more units per number. Again, this may not work in your favour, but it could lead to a huge profit. Whenever you fail to make a profit through the aggressive approach, you can go back to betting a single unit on a number and then slowly build up your budget to bet 2 or more units.

You have to stop playing when you lose or win a certain amount you have decided beforehand. There is no point in playing for a long duration because you will ultimately run into losses. Remember that the house edge is always there to ensure that you lose some money in the long run.


Roulette Bonuses for Maximum Domination at the Tables

The final strategy that you can use to earn a profit for playing Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming is through using bonuses.

As you might already know, many casinos offer bonuses for playing live casino games. You will have to spend some time to find casinos that offer bonuses to play Lightning Roulette with real money. Honestly, you will easily find casinos that offer you bonuses for playing live roulette, and you can pick the one that seems the most beneficial to you.

The casinos don’t offer bonuses without terms and conditions or rules, so you have to be aware of them. If there are any wagering requirements, you will have to satisfy them before withdrawing money. Our advice is to see if you can fulfill the wagering requirements after considering the Lightning Roulette RTP.

If you use this strategy correctly, you can take away a guaranteed profit. Even if you have to deposit some money to get the bonus, you can do so.


Lightning Roulette and Strategy FAQ

Questions about Lightning Roulette games and how to use a strategy or betting system in this online variant of roulette.

What is the best system for Lightning Roulette? Arrow Arrow

The best Lightning Roulette system is scattering multiple single-number bets on the roulette table. This will increase the chance of activating a number containing a Lightning Multiplier. A strategy for roulette, like the 9x by Kim Birch, achieves this goal.

Is Lightning Roulette better than classic roulette? Arrow Arrow

Lightning Roulette offers a lot more for a thrilling gaming experience and additional opportunities to win. In each gaming round, one to five Lucky Numbers are hit by lightning and awarded multiplied payouts ranging from 50x to 500x.

How are lightning numbers in Lightning Roulette predicted? Arrow Arrow

You bet on the straight-up numbers at the table. When your wager is accepted, the random number generator generates three winning numbers for the roulette table with rewards of 50X, 200X, and 300X.

Is it possible to cover every number in Lightning Roulette? Arrow Arrow

Absolutely, you may place a wager on any number on the board in Lightning Roulette. If the roulette ball falls in that pocket you have covered, you will win the multiplier.