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Stakelogic has recently introduced their newest addition Super Joker Megaways to their already fantastic slot portfolio. Super Joker Megaways is a cool modern slot with an aggressive fire-inspired theme. The main element in the videoslot is the Joker, which is quite apparent from the name. You will get the notorious Gamble or Collect feature in this slot, which lets you gamble your landed win for the possibility of higher awards.

Release: 17.12.2020
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X2592

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 11 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenCool Cascading Reel bonus

OpenMystery Wins allow payouts up to 240x

OpenYou can Gamble all your wins

OpenSpecial Supermeter Mode

OpenHigh Volatility makes the gameplay explosive

Cons Cons


Close 2 RTPs might be confusing for some players

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider StakeLogic

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 94.50

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.10

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 3

Slots Rows 8

Slots Paylines 512

Game Themes


Game Features

Bonus Bet Megaways Mystery symbol Cascading/Avalanche wins RTP range Risk/Gamble game Scatter symbols Wild



The Cool background of Super Joker Megaways

The Cool background of Super Joker Megaways

Introduction - Super Joker Megaways

Stakelogic is one of the best slot developers in the gigantic casino world, and they have presented a new Megawys addition to their portfolio, Super Joker Megaways. Super Joker Megaways is an excellent slot; you know something crazy will happen when you hear the word Megaways. However, the developers at Stakelogic have compressed the power of the Megaways engine into a classic three-reel format. 

Super Joker Megaways is a unique slot in many aspects; the slot maintains a sober appearance and vibe because of its calming background and classic symbols. But, of course, being a Megaways title makes it a guarantee that the slot will deliver a boosting performance to the player. Still, Super Joker Megaways calms down that powerful energy by slotting a classic look of a patterned background and classic fruit-slot based symbols. 

Super Joker Megaways can be called a pumped-up classic retro slot. The slot is perfect for both the modern, action-loving slot players and the old vets, who like things clean and straightforward. 

The slot follows the classic three-reel format; with the number of rows varying; you can get between 2 to 8 rows in a single reel. This unique row structure allows you 512 different ways to strike wins in the slot. 


Graphic Elements of Super Joker Megaways

Graphics are the essential elements for any slot. Still, they hold particular importance in Super Joker Megaways because they are why this slot's sober and subtle appearance

Super Joker Megaways is a super loaded slot, which is quite evident because of the mega ways prefix at the end of the slot's name; the slot has some insane combos possible, along with many ways to land paying combos in the slot. Along with being a Megaways slot, Super Joker Megaways also has different Special Bonuses and Features. All these additions make Super Joker Megaways a very explosive slot. It is perfect for the new slot players who love electric and modern slots, but it might not be an attraction for the old vets, who miss the classic subtleness of the physical slot. However, Stakelogic knows how to give its customers what they want, and they perfectly blended their new title with a traditional twist. They tweaked the graphic elements of the slot classically; they gave a classic finish to the symbols and the background of the slot. 

The slot's background is a beautifully patterned wallpaper; it is a 1970's inspired diamond-patterned backdrop. The background in the slot might confuse you; the background looks more like the interior of an old clubhouse rather than the scene of a loaded modern video slot. 

The story is the same as the slot's symbols. The symbol in Super Joker Megaways is the symbols you will find in any classic physical fruit-inspired slot. You will instantly fall in love with Super Joker Megaways when you see those beautiful cherries and grapes rolling through the reels. The various symbols in the slot include fruits like cherries, lemons, grapes, and non-fruit symbols like numbers and bells.

The classic fruit symbols in Super Joker Megaways

The classic fruit symbols in Super Joker Megaways



Don't get fooled by the classic and old-school appearance of Super Joker Megaways; this slot packs different bonuses and features that will excite you in every next spin. 

The exciting cascading reels or avalanche reels feature in the slot; is a base game feature that removes the winning combo symbols in the slot. The winning symbols getting removed make place for the symbols above them to fall. This cascading reel feature will let you strike a winning chain in the slot. 

Being a Megaways slot, Super Joker Megaways has all the standard features you get in every Megaways title

The Super Wins will give you huge direct payouts; landing them will fill your pockets!

Winning Super Wins in Super Joker Megaways

Winning Super Wins in Super Joker Megaways


Special Features in Super Joker Megaways

Cascading Reels

The cascading reels are the best base game feature you can expect in any slot; this allows you to form linked wins with huge cash payouts. There are different names for this feature; some may call it cascading reels, avalanche reels, or falling wins. This feature removes the winning tiles after a successful spin; it makes space for the symbols above those removed symbols to fall and create chances for new combos. This feature can get you some pretty solid random wins.

Super Win Bonus

The Super WIn feature can be triggered using the scatter symbols in the slot. When you land three scatter symbols in the reels, you will trigger the Super Win special Bonus. The mystic joker himself represents the scatter symbols in this slot. After triggering this special bonus, you will get different prizes on the game screen, and the slot will automatically choose one for you. The value of the reward you get in this slot is directly related to the number of Scatter Symbol you land on the reels; if you get 4 or 5 symbols, your reward will become very generous. When you get the modest trigger of this feature, with just three scatters, you can win a direct cash payout of 2x to 600x your stake, isn't this insane. When you increase your bonus by just another additional scatter, you will solidify your chances of winning that lucrative 600x payout. 

Unique multi row feature in Super Joker Megaways

Unique multi row feature in Super Joker Megaways


Extra Bonuses

Mystery Win

Mystery Win is one of the many unique Bonus Features of Super Joker Megaways, like the Free Spins feature; this is also triggered when you land Scatter Symbols on the slot; this bonus will give you random cash payouts ranging from 2x to 600x. 

You would be thrilled to get four scatters on the reels; you will be awarded an assured win of a minimum of 600x your bet. This is the simplest and most rewarding base game feature you can expect in a slot, just get a specific symbol, and you will be awarded money, easy.

Super Joker Mode

Super Joker Mode is another unique bonus of Super Joker Megaways; when you land winning symbols in Super Joker Megaways, your wins get collected in the special Supermeter. This Supermeter keeps on filling till you land a good win which triggers your Bonus. When you land a minimum of 2x the bet, you will activate this bonus. When this bonus is triggered, the slot will completely transform into a new look, the screen will become blue, and the symbols in the slot will look more dangerous and intense. Your wins during this round will be displayed in the Super Meter placed above the reels. You will get the option to either collect your winnings or gamble them

This bonus round will come to an end when your Super Meter balance reaches a 200x payout or when you get back an amount that crosses the 100x value of your original bet.

When you are in the Super Joker Bonus Round, you can trigger the Super Win bonus using only two scatter symbols. When you get 2 scatters, you will get a payout ranging anywhere between 2x and 6000x your bet. If you land 3 scatters, it will narrow down your win between 100x and 600x. If you get super lucky and you land 4 scatters, you will get an assured payout of 600x, isn't it incredible!

Unique Slot Structure of Super Joker Megaways

Unique Slot Structure of Super Joker Megaways


RTP and Volatility of Super Joker Megaways

Return To Player Percentage

Super Joker Megaways provides a decent Return To Player Percentage, which ranges between 94.6 - 96.6%, this might feel a little below the usual average, but it is because this is a Megaways title; it is not uncommon for Megaways titles to have a slightly lower RTP. The special Megaways features more than compensate for it. 

The variance of Super Joker Megaways is rated "High", get ready for a super explosive and electric gambling session as this is both a fantastic Megaways slot and a highly volatile one. The high variance of the slot will lower the frequency of hitting wins in this slot, but when you will do, they will be such high that you will forget this low hit rate. The max win you can hit in the slot is worth 2592x your starting stake; this is very high even for a high variance slot.

Playing Super Joker Megaways of Mobiles

You can enjoy the thrilling gambling experience of Super Joker Megaways on the go. The expert game developers have optimized the slot, and it supports a variety of different devices. You can smoothly run  Super Joker Megaways on your laptop, phone, computers, and tablets. When you run it on smartphones, both iOS and Android devices are supported. When you play it on computers, it will work on both Windows and Mac.


The Overall Verdict of Super Joker Megaways

Super Joker Megaways is a slot that you can genuinely call a hybrid. If you were to describe Super Joker Megaways in a single line, you would say that it is a spiced up classic slot. However, it is because the slot has both the traditional features and modern features, this satisfies the gambling needs of a wide variety of players. 

The graphic elements of the slot are inspired by classic physical; slots. The slot's background looks like the 20th century inspired wallpaper, which adds a very classic touch to the slot. The old school vibe of the slot completes with the cute and nostalgic fruit-slot symbols; the slot is filled with grapes, lemons, cherries, and bells. 

The Features of the slot will make you realise that you are playing a mighty modern online slot. In addition, the Slot is loaded with a ton of Special Bonuses like Super Joker Win and Mystery Wins; these will amp up your gambling experience into an electric and adventurous journey. 

The slot has very generous stats; the RTP is satisfying considering that the slot is a Megaways title. The slot's variance is High, which makes this slot perfect for high riders; you will hit some pretty satisfying wins increasing up to 2592x.


Frequently Asked Questions - Super Joker Megaways

What is the Return To Player Percentage of Super Joker Megaways? Arrow Arrow

The slot has two RTP variants, one has a high RTP of 96.6%, and there is also one with a slightly lower RTP of 94.6%. Having two RTps might be confusing for some, but it is important as it allows the casinos to change a slot's return to fit their usual return standard.

What is the volatility of Power of Super Joker Megaways? Arrow Arrow

The volatility of Super Joker Megaways is rated High, it scores all the five stars on the rating scale of the StakeLogic online slot. Brace yourself for an electric gambling experience.

What is the maximum prize you can win in Super Joker Megaways? Arrow Arrow

The Top Jackpot you can win in Super Joker Megaways is worth 2592x, this is a pretty generous payout even for a very volatile slot.

What is the Mystery Win feature in Super Joker Megaways? Arrow Arrow

The Mystery Win feature in the slot is triggered when you land 3 scatter symbols. This will give you a direct Cash Payout of up to 240x. If you land 4 scatters, you will assure your payout of 240x.

What is the Supermeter Mode in Super Joker Megaways? Arrow Arrow

AS you land winning combos in Super Joker Megaways, all your wins will be collected in a Supermeter located above the reels, it will then activate when you land a minimum payout worth 2x. It can give you random Mystery Wins.

Is there a Free Spin Bonus in Super Joker Megaways? Arrow Arrow

No, there is no Free Spin Bonus in Super Joker Megaways, but it has some special features like Mystery WIn and Supermeter which more than compensate for the absence of free spins.

How many different winning ways do I get in Super Joker Megaways? Arrow Arrow

There are 512 different ways to land a win in Super Joker Megaways.

Can I play Super Joker Megaways without gambling actual money? Arrow Arrow

Yes, absolutely; the Demo version of the slot is available on BETO. You can play it and explore different slot features without putting to risk your actual hard-earned money.